#6 - Fasting and Extreme Dieting Causes Muscle Loss

Fasting and extreme diets may cause muscle loss - if your body is not prepared. There are steps that you can take to ensure your body is ready for a fast or extreme cleansing diet.

In the Los Angeles Daily News this month, a question was asked in the health section about cleansing. Surprisingly, the answer given was a positive one. And an often overlooked fact of some cleansing programs was also pointed out.

The article mentioned that fasting and extreme diets can cause muscle loss, which is true. This is something to consider before deciding which cleansing program you want to follow.

Be sure to prepare your body first by changing your eating habits in stages. Also eat protein three to four times a day.

If you eat meat, you can have fish, chicken or lean, organic beef. Eat only the size of your palm. After a few days, exchange one animal protein for a vegetable protein such as legumes (see the lentil recipe below), sprouts or a green superfood. After a few more days, exchange another meal and stay with this process until you cut out meat. There are many foods that are packed with usable and complete protein that are vegetarian.

Abstaining from animal protein gives your digestion a rest and helps your body cleanse. You can do this temporarily or use this method to eat vegetarian if that is your preference.

Lead into a fast or extreme diet by preparing your body with loads of nutrition through healthy foods and juicing. In addition, fasting for a cleanse doesn't have to mean consuming only water or juice. In the SpringClean 7 Day Intensive , for example, a green superfood is taken so the body can have nutrition that includes protein. This added nutrition helps the body have the strength it needs to cleanse.

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