Fasting for Health

Many health advocates have been fasting for centuries as a way to quickly lose weight, reset digestion, clear internal waste and have more energy.

But modern health "authorities" warn against it claiming health hazards such as electrolyte imbalance, hypoglycemia, weakness and even hair loss. So who is right?

Both ideas are correct. While fasting does prove to have numerous health benefits, it is also true that drastic diet changes may lead to health issues. In order to make full use of this type of extreme body cleanse, it helps to prepare yourself and ease into any diet change slowly. When done correctly, this type of cleanse can be more comfortable, and more productive with longer lasting results.

Benefits of Fasting

  • Lower Risk for Heart Disease - It was recently discovered that fasting for one day each week has many health benefits including lower risk for heart disease and strengthened digestion.(1,2) Longer ones have been recorded throughout history and have been used by many to help regain health.
  • Ease Digestion - It is believed by many health authorities that giving digestion a rest can reset the digestive process. This lessens the burden on the entire body giving strength to other bodily functions such as the healing process; in other words, it allows your body to cleanse and heal naturally.

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  • Detoxification - Digestion, assimilation, and metabolizing take quite a bit of internal energy. In fact, after a heavy meal it may take up to 60% or more of your body's energy to digest the food, leaving little else for other metabolic functions. If the burden of overeating is added, there is even less energy left for the last, very important stage of metabolizing (elimination). This in turn may lead to further buildup of waste as leftover proteins, metabolic toxins and even environmental residues overwhelm an already taxed system.
  • Cleansing - When the digestive system is given a rest, it can use the energy for other jobs, such as clearing waste. Some believe that since the metabolic processes are not being used to digest food, they are instead digesting built up waste throughout the intestinal tract. Energy is also devoted to other areas of the body that require healing. Keep in mind your body does what it can to heal itself; this is instinctual.

Fasting is not a magic bullet, but when done correctly it can help your body metabolize and dump years of built up internal waste and sludge. This buildup causes health problems, adds weight, throws off hormonal balance and more, but in order to take advantage of the benefits many claim, and make them last, it helps to prepare your body.

Fasting Tips

  • Research different types and decide if you want to do a water, juice or colon cleanse fast.
  • Decide how many days you would like to try for your program and assure you have time to rest, meditate, take baths or anything else that will help you during your time.
  • Prepare your body by eating a healthy diet free of processed foods for at least two weeks prior. In place of processed foods, include more fresh fruits and vegetables. Switch to lighter, vegetarian proteins as you get closer. This will ensure any benefits received will have a lasting effect.
  • Include fresh vegetable juice daily for two to four weeks before you start. This will help your body gain extra, needed nutrients and help ensure your body is strong enough to heal.
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily, before and during your program
  • Listen to your body and get plenty of rest to allow for the healing process
  • Have broth and juice on hand in case you need due to feeling overly weak, dehydrated or other
  • Check with your doctor if you are under a physicians care or if you take any pharmaceuticals.

Prepare Yourself

I have been working with clients for over 20 years and have found that to get the most from fasting, your body has to be prepared.  This means it should be strong enough to for this kind of work, so as you give your digestion a rest, your body is instead working on breaking down and eliminating built up waste.

The key is that when leading up to your program, begin cutting out harmful foods that are not conducive to good digestion.  This includes fried foods, most desserts and treats, junk foods and highly processed foods.  Replace with wholesome meals using "real" ingredients.  Eat more fresh produce and less heavy foods as you near your day one.  And take at least four or more days to get ready, so you get the most benefit with less harsh reactions.

If you are serious about this type of cleansing, my book, The SpringClean Cleanse can teach you how to achieve results, safely and effectively.

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