Fat Loss Explained

Fat loss (and weight loss) is no easy task.  In fact, millions of people fail at losing weight and fat every year. Unfortunately, Americans are still getting heavier, according to recent studies from the Centers for Disease Control.

Researchers and the medical community still agree that belly fat is dangerous.  An excess amount is an indicator that your system is backed up and not working properly.  Those who have an excess are more at risk for diabetes, heart disease and other life threatening illness.

Experts agree that fat loss should be a health goals for most individuals, but their reasons why we are getting larger may be a bit of a mystery.  According to the CDC, lack of sleep and aging the main culprits behind the American weight gain.  But those in the holistic health business see it another way.

Traditional diet and exercise simply are not working.  This may be due to a number of reasons including; confusing information about which foods are healthy or not from the food and medical industries.

Many people have a hard time sticking to any program because of failing to eat the right diet. Why are so many people lacking willpower?  Some would say because food cravings are too powerful. Research is proving they are as powerful as drug addictions, especially those high in sugar (most of the 'hidden'), and other hidden chemicals (microwave popcorn, cured meats, soft breads).  What many people do not realize is these foods are engineered to bring you back over and over again. 

Mood swings interfere with fat and weight loss programs. Many of us use foods to cheer us up or foods to celebrate with.  This is even more interesting when you consider the effects of sugars and other food additives on the brain.  According to Dr. William Davis, author of the book "Wheat Belly", the protein found in wheat, called gliadin, is an opiate; but it doesn't make you high, it makes you hungry.

Another obstacle to weight loss is that many people simply do not know how to eat healthy. We are confused by labels that tell us a food is "healthy" or "light." Unfortunately, both of these can be applied to baloney or other foods that are deceptively fattening even while including this label.

Did you know an infrared sauna
can help with fat loss?

Fat Loss Tips

  • One of the most difficult aspects to control is diet.  But knowing what you know now, it may be easier to do something about it.  Avoid foods process and junk foods.  Try a body cleanse diet that utilizes whole, organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts and proteins.
  • Since adipose tissue (or fatty tissue) is a storehouse for environmental toxins that can interfere with our normal bodily processes, research indicates this can slow metabolism, cause unexplained weight gain, and affects how your body burns fat.  Try adding food and supplements that many people use for a fat loss cleanse such as; fiber, flax and nut oils, avocados and vegetarian proteins.
  • Exercise helps your body remove this waste before, during or after a weight loss program.  Try exercise helps improve circulation and lymphatic flow, making it easier for your body to remove fat including; walking, stepping or rebounding.