#8 - Use Garlic and Scallions to Fight the Flu

First let's talk prevention. Garlic wins the "power food" of the year - and yes it is an herb. What many don't realize is that herbs are condensed nutrition! Holistic health practitioners have known the benefits of herbs for years and now modern science has finally proven it. Garlic is a powerful and broad antibiotic. In addition - the body does not build a tolerance to it so it can be eaten and the benefits reaped for the entire flu season.

Our second power food is scallions. It is also called a green onion in the USA, spring onion in the UK and shallot in Australia. It is an immature white onion with the long green stem. The white part contains vitamins C and B and the green part contains vitamin A. It is effective in stimulating sweat, calming the nerves, expelling sputum and is a known diuretic. This combination makes it a great remedy for the common cold.

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