Grass Fed Beef is Better for Your Health and Heart

At the beginning of a cleanse, or throughout if you prefer, eating lean meats will help your liver detox, help you lose body fat and keep you strong. Keep in mind that you cannot cleanse if your organs are not strong enough.

It has long been said that eating meats, especially red meats, can be a major cause of heart disease and even cancer. Some have speculated this may be due to the massive amounts of injected hormones and antibiotics into the animal along with a poor diet.

Now it is becoming clear that eating grass fed beef that is treated humanely is far healthier for us. The reason would be simple – if we have to eat right to make our bodies healthy, then the same would be true for all animals.

Grass fed beef contains high amounts of CLA, which stands for conjugated linoleic acid. For the last decade, research has been showing how this nutrient reduces cancer and suppresses the growth of existing cancer. Other benefits include reducing body fat, combating arteriosclerosis (clogged arteries) and delaying the onset of diabetes.

Add to this the fact that grass fed beef contains high amounts of Omega 3’s, is not irradiated, and normally fed pesticide free grass. Check out US Wellness Meats for more information about organic meats or to purchase it for yourself.

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