Healing Leaky Gut

Healing leaky gut can be a confusing issue. It may seem overwhelming and time consuming. Many have tried only to get little results after much effort. Some people resign to eating a very restricted diet as a way of life. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Leaky gut is a malfunction of the small intestine where final digestion of food takes place and nutrients are supposed to be absorbed into the blood stream. The small intestine is the gut, and undigested food particles and toxins are able to “leak” through the lining into the blood stream along with the nutrients. This can cause ailments such as food allergies, migraines, irritable bowel, skin rashes, indigestion, fatigue and poor immunity.

Some say it is due to eating too many processed foods in general, too many processed grain products or too many bad fats, food allergies and so on. In any case;

The Theory of Intestinal Build-Up

Imagine sticking your arm in a bucket of old food that has been sitting for years and living with your arm in that bucket for years. What would happen to the skin? This is how the lining of your small intestine gets compromised. Waste isn’t moving out as it should. We should keep this in mind when trying to heal leaky gut.

This may sound over-simplified, and it should be. It should not take years of scientific study to figure out what processed and junk foods do to our bodies.

At the same time, if plaque can build up in your arteries while your blood is constantly flowing, of course it can build up in your small intestine where the transit time is much slower. In addition, the intestinal buildup is not calcium as in the arteries, its excess mucus and old food. When we eat junk food or over-eat foods such as meat and breads, it doesn’t get digested and removed efficiently. It remains and becomes toxic so our body’s response is to defend itself by excreting extra mucus in the small intestine to protect you from those toxins. When this happens repeatedly, the mucus builds up with the excess, partially digested food and now we have plaque.

When you realize this, you can see that in order to heal leaky gut, you must first cleanse. If you don’t eliminate the waste first, any supplements you take to heal will be useless. The plaque lines the small intestine and constantly feeds toxins into the lining. This in turn will cause the tiny holes and abrasions that will allow the toxins and larger particles to pass through.

Healing leaky gut is no mystery when you approach it from a viewpoint of how diet affects health. Doing a colon cleanse to eliminate this plaque will remove a major source of the toxins that keep leaky gut from healing. As you eliminate the build-up, your body will respond more quickly to any supplements taken. Eating healthy will aid the cleansing process and keep your body functioning the way it should, naturally.

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