Dealing with Hepatitis C

I was once very sick with Hepatitis C and I was able to help my body heal. After years of dealing with my illness then helping others, I have learned some very important health lessons I'd like to share with you. First a little of the basics...

The liver is considered to be the most important organ of detoxification. Besides neutralizing harmful toxins, it also breaks down fats and regulates blood sugar.

Hepatitis C can be caused by the liver being over-burdened with toxins. Since cleansing helps the body to mobilize and release toxins from every organ, it can be very beneficial to aid the body's healing.

A comment that bugs me most is when some medical doctors claim that we don’t need to cleanse our colons or cleanse and detoxify our bodies.

I have heard some doctors claim that the body is capable of detoxifying itself. However even on C. Everett Koop's website from the Dartmouth Medical School, he informs us that the liver’s ability to detoxify itself is limited because of chronic exposure to some toxins. In addition, the liver can also be damaged by brief exposure to high levels of some organic compounds. (C. Everett Koop's Hepatitis C website)

I believe that cleansing is a necessary part of taking care of our bodies and that the body is capable of healing itself of more than we give it credit for, including Hepatitis C.

The body heals itself, yet we need to help it out because of the bombardment of daily chemicals and processed foods. I believe if we assist the cleansing process, our body and liver can then go on to heal itself, if given enough nutrients.

As you start a colon cleanse, you take fiber, hopefully psyllium, to start breaking down the buildup of plaque in the small intestine. Along with this you will take herbs to kill “bad guys” such as bacteria and parasites, and herbs that will give extra nourishment to your organs, including your liver.

As your cleanse progresses and your digestive tract starts to clear, you should be eating healthier foods. These foods along with extra herbal nutrition and fresh made vegetable juices will allow your body to become stronger.

Now your liver and gallbladder should be affected by this extra nutrition and have some of the burdens taken off of them, so they will dump their toxins more efficiently. All of these actions put together will enhance your liver’s ability to detoxify.

Allow time for your body and colon cleanse to work. It takes 10 or even 20 year for our bodies to get a degenerative disease so it will take time to undo the damage. If that is 2 years, it’s still less than the 10 it took to get there. Remember, you didn’t consciously make yourself sick, but you can consciously help your body to heal itself.

In my case, I felt better after my first month of cleansing – but I was also drinking 16-32 ounces of fresh vegetable juice each day. However, I still got sick and well, in cycles.

When I added a parasite cleanse to my program and then colon hydrotherapy, I saw more results in only a couple weeks. I do believe the quick results were due to a cumulative effect of healthy habits, including prior cleansing.

As time went on I would cleanse on and off in cycles. I released a lot of old buildup during my colonics and my most common thought was “no wonder I was sick”! After seeing what came out of me I was surprised and felt lucky that I wasn’t dead.

I have met others who had Hepatitis C and their bodies healed them of it. We all have these things in common; we all cleansed our bodies, we all drank fresh vegetable juices and we all took herbs. Perhaps the programs were different, but the basics are all the same.

It wasn’t the herbs or the juice or colonics alone. It was a lifestyle that gave our bodies the nutrition it needed and the assistance our bodies needed at clearing toxins so all the organs can work more efficiently and do what they’re supposed to do.

I have come across many people who will not try because they were told there was no hope. I have met many people who told me their doctors said there’s nothing they can do therefore there is nothing they can do. I must be different, or younger or stronger.

However, one of those I know who also helped his body to heal was a 64-year-old man. To some he is older, and to some he is young. I was 30 when I started cleansing and 36 when I first tested negative for the disease. Again, whether I was old or young is relative to others. Regardless, we were not to old to take charge of our health. We are not too old to take care of ourselves.

When I was first diagnosed with Hepatitis non-A, non-B, (now called Hepatitis C), I was told interferon (the drug of choice at the time) would not be very effective for me. There was nothing they could do. But I thought perhaps there was something I could do. At least I owed it to myself to try. It worked. It wasn’t easy, but I am more thankful for the experience. I didn’t have to worry about large hospital expenses and serious side-effects.

People ask me what I think was most important as my body healed itself. My answer is the fact that I tried. If I failed by eating wrong or forgetting my supplements, I tried again. (I felt I had practice so I knew I could do it.) So the bottom line is persistence in sticking with my entire program of cleansing; diet, supplements and bodywork.

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