Immunity and Technology

Are immunity and technology linked? Unfortunately, some seem to think our immune systems could never be as strong as drugs and technology is the answer. But it seems that technology may be inhibiting our bodies natural immunity.

CNN just reported today that medical researchers at Duke University have discovered the appendix does have a job to do with the immune system – to replenish good bacteria which is in place to digest and fight the bad bacteria. This is part of our natural immune system.

And it reflects a dangerous trend that has been happening to modern and industrialized societies. This trend is to ignore our bodies' capabilities of prevention, protection, natural immunity and regeneration.

From the time we are young we are told that we eat for calories and energy but when it comes to health, go to a medical professional. We are never told how important the nutrients in food are. In fact, Hippocrates, who is considered the Father of Modern Medicine is ignored when it comes to his statement which says "let food be your medicine and medicine be your food."

This creates a big problem as we start to believe health is a chance thing – you get lucky and have it or unlucky and lose it. Should you be “unlucky,” only a medical doctor can help you. You really never had the strength in your natural immunity and technology will save the day.

Some even stop taking responsibility for their own health. I heard a man who was being interviewed about eating food that contained a harmful fat-replacement chemical reply that he didn’t worry about things like that. He felt medical technology was so advanced that if he did harm his body – all he had to do was take a pill and he would be fine.

This lack of responsibility attitude has caused all of us – even medical researchers – to ignore important aspects of our body’s defense systems. Despite all medical and scientific advancement, one major thing is overlooked – how to strengthen the immune system.

Drugs are constantly developed which attempt to fight this bacteria or that. Chemicals are added to our food to ensure it has a long shelf life. Thanks to chemicals, foods that should expire in four or five days - such as bread - now last years on the grocery store shelves. The result is that these drugs and chemicals are more toxic to our bodies because the body can’t recognize, therefore can’t fight or neutralize man-made chemicals.

This results in weaker immune systems. Indeed it is being found that we are becoming “vaccine resistant” and that many virus and bacteria are able to mutate around a vaccine or drug.

I wonder why no effort is put into strengthening our natural immunity since it is possible with high quality nutrition and herbs. In addition, cutting out foods that suppress the immune system such as highly processed junk foods and over use of white, processed sugar would certainly help.

One problem is that doctors will not tell you how to keep your immune system strong. Therefore, many people will go through life not knowing you can build and strengthen your immune system. This is why it is so important to take charge of your health. You cannot rely on those in the medical community to tell you how to do this. It is not their job.

Keep in mind that medical doctors are trained in allopathic medicine which is defined as the treatment of disease through the use of pharmaceuticals and/or surgery. It is not their job to tell you how to use food and herbs to build your immune system. It is simply not in their training.

I once went to a medical doctor as a young person of 23, to find out why I kept getting viral infections. He prescribed an antibiotic so I told him that was not the reason for my visit. I simply wanted to know why I kept getting sick. He looked at me and said “young lady, it is not my job to find out where or why you keep getting sick. It is my job to diagnose it then give you something to fight it.” At first I was offended. But then I realized he was being honest.

Immunity and technology are not made to work together yet. This is why I advocate clearing the chemicals of modern industry out of your system, take in high quality nutrition so your body can replenish with strong healthy cells and allow your body to work the way it was intended.

Your health is your responsibility. There are many books, articles and magazines to help those on the path to a healthier life. Our immune systems can be built up with nutrition and our bodies can fight disease – even the worst of them. You can learn to live a longer, healthier and more vibrant life – more power to you.

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