Intestinal Cleansing Powders

Your choice of intestinal cleansing powders can be a main factor in what type of colon cleanse you will do. How do you know which is a good one? A little knowledge will help you determine what supplement will be suitable for your needs.

If you don't want to read on right now, and you trust my judgment, the best for your money is the Herbal Fiberblend by the AIM corporation. For a more intensive cleanse, try Sonne brand, which can be found on-line or in your local health food store. Or for mail order, Arise and Shine is a high quality brand. All of these come complete with excellent information about their products and how to use them.

How Do I Know What's Good for Me?

The ingredients in the intestinal cleansing powders may seem the same, but consider this, how long has it been on the shelf? If it has been awhile, the herbs may not be potent any longer.

Some ingredients may aid in the elimination of parasites while some may not. Some intestinal cleansing powders may contain fiber and some may contain herbs to help you eliminate the waste. Let’s examine each of these further to see what makes a good one.

First of all, when purchasing in a store, check the expiration date. If you choose to buy on-line, chances are they will be up to date and not send out expired supplements. In either case, chances are your supplement will be good, but be sure to look because expired herbs have lost their potency.

As far as fibers are concerned, psyllium is the most effective at softening and removing the mucoid plaque. If you feel it is very strong, take less. The effectiveness of this fiber is worth it.

If you absolutely do not like psyllium then try a fiber combination. As with all fiber supplements, you must be sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Contrary to popular belief, fibers do not always stimulate peristalsis. In many cases, you must have strong intestinal muscles to begin with. Remember, not only do you have to move the heavy fiber through 28 feet of intestinal tract, but also any plaque that may become loosened during this period. This is why some people claim to feel more bloated or full during a cleanse.

Senna is a common herb added to an intestinal cleansing powder to help move the waste and fiber out. However, this is a true laxative. The body easily becomes dependent on senna because of its strong effect.

There are herbs that work more naturally with the body such as cascara sagrada and triphala. Because these stimulate natural peristalsis, it is easier for your body to transition away from them when you are finished with your cleanse.

The other herbs in good intestinal cleansing powders may use mild anti-parasitics such as black walnut hulls or pumpkin seeds. These are always a good idea because our food sources in America are far and wide. If you don’t need these herbs, you still benefit from the nutrition in them.

Slippery elm bark, witch hazel, marshmallow, and licorice root all are common ingredients to strengthen and soothe the intestinal tract. This is beneficial during a cleanse so that we feel more comfortable and has the added benefit of aiding in healing, if needed.

Intestinal cleansing powders come in actual powders to mix with juice/water or pills. The powders are generally better so you can control amount of fiber you take. Also, many people do not have strong digestion, so the pill may not be getting dissolved as it should. If this happens, your pills will go to waste.

Some blends add powdered bentonite to help soften and eliminate the plaque. I didn’t use it with clients because it was too harsh for most. It also seemed to “clump.” I usually reserved bentonite to the liquid form, and only during the 7 day intensive cleanse.

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