How You Can Help Curb Your Late Night Eating

As we cleanse our bodies, it is best to follow our natural circadian rhythm of digestion. This will help our bodies naturally cleanse and detoxify as it should.

The natural digestive pattern is for our enzymes to take a steady decline from around dinner time to almost non-existent by the late night hours of 10 and 11 pm. In other words, our digestion is asleep.

Now is not the time to eat as your body is using this time to digest excess waste and buildup. Eating now can not only add to this waste, but can aggravate your digestion as well.

If you have a habit of later night eating you want to break, try these two techniques; as soon as you feel cravings brush your teeth with a lemon flavored toothpaste.

If this isn't enough later on, drink raspberry tea, hot or cold, with stevia. This can help your stomach feel fuller and keep you busy.

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