Liver Flush - Friend or Foe
to Your Health?

Is the liver flush really good for you?  That depends.  Most of you are here because either your know that, or you want to learn if, cleansing your body can be a healthy thing to do.   

Since body cleansing has become more mainstream, more supplements of various types of cleansing have flooded the market.  Most people are more aware of the body's need to aid the liver in flushing toxins.  But too much of a good thing can become a negative.

Enter the Liver Flush

This type of flush usually is a 24 hour cleanse. There are a few recipes to choose from, but the idea is basically the same. A combination of olive oil, possibly epsom salt, sometimes Coca Cola are used and the intent is to allow your body to remove stones from the liver and gallbladder.

This can be a helpful practice for many people, and many people have had great success with it. Removing stones in their early stage can certainly be a lot healthier than doing nothing until one day you need surgery to have them, or your entire organ, removed. But there are precautions.

While many tout the benefits of this type of cleanse, many do not tell you how to prepare your body before hand. This is extremely important because this practice is almost "forcing" your body to remove stones naturally, your body will not be able to if you and your organs are not strong enough. If not, the side effects can literally be health threatening. At the very least, you may feel extremely sick when this is not necessary.

On the other hand, a weak body may feel extremely sick while doing this, yet you get no results. In some cases, one is told to do the cleanse again until you do achieve results. Or you may be told that because you got results, to do it again until all stones are removed. But this, too, can be a problem.

This type of cleanse is really a flush. It requires a lot of body strength to do. It does require some level of health for success. And once you do get success, just like any cleanse, doing programs too close together can drain your body and cause health issues.

Be sure your body is strong enough by first doing a general cleanse. This will help clear your intestinal tract and, when done correctly, help strengthen your body for the more intensive programs such as this.

Remember that it takes time for the body to build up toxins and by the same way, it will take time to remove them. So be patient with yourself and keep yourself strong in the process.

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