Managing High Blood Pressure

You can take a big step for managing high blood pressure by seeing what factors you can change or eliminate in your life. High blood pressure is usually caused by a number of factors, according to the American Heart Association. So let’s look at the factors and see what we can do to counteract them.

  • Weight – the greater the body mass, the more pressure there is on artery walls. I have found this also seems to be true with toxins, even when one isn’t overweight. Many normal-weight people have high blood pressure. Look at it from a cleansing perspective. Naturally, if you step on a garden hose, the entire hose will result in having extremely higher pressure in it. I believe this is true for our body also. It works as one unit, so if your organs of elimination are not eliminating entirely, there will be “back-up” resulting in pressure. Managing high blood pressure should, therefore, start with proper diet and nutrition to ensure your body is flowing freely and not clogged up. You can help your body’s cleansing organs to ensure there is no back-up pressure from built-up waste by assisting your body’s cleansing organs and by following a colon cleansing program. By cleansing and following a healthy eating plan, many will often lose weight, if their body needs it.
  • Sodium intake and lack of potassium are factors in high blood pressure. Excessive sodium seems to raise blood pressure while at the same time many people do not consume enough potassium in their diets. These two nutrients are needed and also have to be in balance in your system. Naturally managing high blood pressure should involve making some changes to regulate both of these.
  • Stress may raise your blood pressure. Therefore, it is helpful to learn how to deal with stress while managing high blood pressure. Of course there’s meditation and breathing exercise which are highly beneficial. But you can also use nutrition to help your body deal with stress. Colon cleansing helps eliminate toxins that can interfere with the proper production of neurotransmitters that help keep you feeling balanced.
  • Both tobacco use and activity level are pretty self explanatory. Start by asking your doctor about incorporating a walking exercise program into your life or a quit smoking program.
  • These are just some of the things you can do reduce the risk factors that might be in your lifestyle. Managing your blood pressure can be a matter of life and death. If you have other health issues, you will get the additional benefit as these are all healthy lifestyle choices. You do have the ability to take control of your life now. Good Luck and Good Health!