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This is a Special Insert of the Newsletter for our RSS readers. It has been requested to share this with more people, and I agreed because of the importance of cleansing "right." When I say right - I mean cleansing in a manner that will strengthen you without causing harm.

For those of you who don't know - here's a little overview of what the Master Cleanse is. It is a type of detox/cleanse/fast to help cleanse your body. It involves 10 days of taking a drink consisting basically warm water with lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. It was created by a man named Stanley Burroughs and has been a standard of cleansing for many.

I have not advocated it because of the harshness of the program. I do believe the drink - or variations of it are beneficial in many ways and can help with a cleanse. In fact, variations of this drink have been written about for centuries.

On the other hand, in this day and age and with our culture of processed and junk foods being the norm, most of our bodies are not ready to go straight into a fast. This is why I always talk about easing gradually into a cleanse - especially a fast - by using the 4 Week Cleanse.

Going too quickly into a fast when your body isn't ready can cause a multitude of problems including hair loss, electrolyte imbalance and hypoglycemic reactions - not to mention the food cravings and hunger pangs. Many will never stay on a fast long enough to experience cleansing benefits.

This is unfortunate because as a cleanse helps us cleanse on some level, there are other things we can do to enhance and cleanse deeper. For example, in my case I felt like everything I did was not even close to what my body released when I incorporated colonics into my program. And then I fasted and saw even more incredible results. For this reason - I am a strong advocate of cleansing, colonics and fasting.

Luckily for all of us - health professionals are becoming increasingly aware of how to do a cleanse safely. We are all learning how to cleanse while keeping energy levels up, hunger pangs down and how to keep ourselves balanced. We are realizing that cleansing and fasting work far better when certain techniques are applied.

For those who would like to try the true Master Cleanse safely and effectively - here's an ebook to check out called Master Cleanse Secrets . The author presents and covers everything to help you avoid the problems of fasting and to help you deal with cleansing side-effects which can be harmful.

By using these techniques you can overcome problems that many of us have while fasting including how to not lose muscle, how to avoid hair loss, and how to control your cravings while receiving the wonderful benefits of this cleanse.

I do believe this to be one of the best e-books available to help those who want to try this fasting cleanse and get more from it. I also believe the Master Cleanse is great for those who do not want to do colonics. This book will help you to safely accomplish this cleanse. (He also offers a "Success Journal" and 2 other e-books free when you order his book.)

For those who want to read more about it, the book is Master Cleanse Secrets Guide by Raylen Sterling. Good Luck and Happy Reading!

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