Is The Master Cleanse Fast Faster for Cleansing?

Yes, this sounds like a tongue twister... but the Master Cleanse is one of the most popular cleansing programs out there. So... is it a faster cleanse and is it safe?

The middle of summer is here and some are scrambling to lose an extra few pounds they may have put on at summer barbeques, festivals and other summer parties. In the pursuit of a quick fix, the Master Cleanse is becoming popular once again.

You can see how popular with the advent of ready-made products that mimic the fresh juice one usually makes for this fast. You can find jazzed-up versions of the Master Cleanse lemonade in your local vitamin store and on-line, of course. But, is this the safe way to go?

Even though the Master Cleanse has been around for centuries, it can have side effects enough to turn a person off to cleansing. It is a fast, and as with any fast, you should work your way into it. Here's a quick four day start to help you lead into your fast.

Start by cutting out all bread, flour products and all other starches for the first day. On day two, cut out dairy and refined sugar products as well. The third day cut out meat and meat products. By now you should be eating pretty much vegetables and fruits. Continue eating only veggies and fruits for today and day four.

During this time be sure to drink plenty of fresh water and diluted fruit juices (if you like). Remember that sodas are full of sugar and diet sodas contain chemical sweeteners, so avoid those like the plague.

If you prefer, you can drink the Master Cleanse lemonade along with eating light meals of steamed veggies and some fruits (eaten alone). This will help keep your metabolism raised and possibly help you stay on the cleanse longer.

No matter how you choose to do it, be safe. The side effects of cleansing too harshly and before your body is ready will only be detrimental to your efforts. Take care and happy cleansing!

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