Metabolism Raising Tips for Weight Loss

It is well known that thinner people have a higher or stronger metabolism. The myth, however, is that if your body is sluggish, it will always be... so you have to work harder to lose weight.

But if you know how metabolism works, you know how to fix it! So get ready to lose weight and keep it off by revving up your metabolism.

What, exactly, is metabolism? The definition has two parts: 1) how strong is your digestion and 2) how well your body eliminates waste. Of course a medical definition goes into greater detail, but the secret is in these two parts. Let's break these down...

During digestion, your body must breakdown (or digest) food and absorb the nutrients from the food. If you want to lose weight by raising your metabolism, your digestion must be in good working order. Here are some simple steps to strengthen your digestion, which can help raise your metabolism:

How You Can Help Rev Metabolism

  • Chew your food completely. The process of digestion starts in the mouth using enzymes from your saliva. If you don't start the break down the food here, it will not break down very well later in the stomach and intestines. Keep in mind that poor digestion equals a sluggish metabolism.

  • Eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits at least 3 times a day. These have nutrients and enzymes and stimulate your body to rev up it's own digestion.

  • Eat smaller portions. Your body can more easily and complete digest smaller amounts of food. Eat protein servings no larger than the size of your palm, a serving of veggies should be about 2-4 cups and grains about 1 cup. Eat fruits separately from meals.

  • For even better digestion, practice simple food combining. Don't eat starches, such as breads, grains, pastas, at the same meal as animal protein. This will help the body digest the entire meal easier so it can move through quicker.

The other part of metabolism is measured by how well your body can eliminate waste, which includes excess fats and toxins. You can be sure your body is efficient at this process by not overeating.

Losing weight will become easier when your body can remove unwanted waste, instead of storing it. Here's why, eating too much food at one time can suppress the digestive process. Your body can only digest a certain amount of food at a time. The food that cannot be digested will get stored as waste, causing your metabolism to slow down.

A colon cleansing program can help your system rid itself of buildup that can cause your bodies elimination systems to slow down. Many people think their bodies are moving along just fine - but keep this in mind; an efficient body will eliminate waste, not store it as excess weight or fat.

Use these simple rules to help rev up your metabolism. You may be surprised at how strong your body can be!

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