Toxic Chemicals in Our Blood

I often am asked by clients if the body really does contain toxic chemicals - and if so is it really in harmful amounts?  In fact, just recently a woman who has been involved in holistic health for some time asked me how could she be toxic, since she's been eating clean for almost half her life?  To shed some light and put this in perspective, I would like to share some facts and studies with you.

Studies of Toxic Chemicals in Humans

A study taken on by the Environmental Working Group discovered a total of 287 industrial chemicals and pollutants in the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies born in United States hospitals in 2004 (collected by Red Cross after the cord was cut).

Included in the toxic chemicals found, 180 of them are known to cause cancer and 217 are known to be toxic to the brain and nervous system. The Teflon chemical PFOA was among the chemicals as well as mercury, and the pesticides DDT and chlordane. These toxins are known to cause cancer and/or harm brain development and to interfere with the hormonal system.

Although the numbers are shocking this is not surprising to many who pay attention. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) itself conducts a large ongoing survey and has found 148 toxic chemicals in Americans of all ages including dioxins, PCBs, lead and mercury.

There are many other small and scattered studies all showing similar results. The difference is in the research results of whether or not the chemicals are harmful.

Speaking of harmful, a prominent set of chemicals in our environment are found to mimic hormones meaning that even minute levels can interfere with development and cause health problems. We know that many of these cause cancer. Many chemicals have never been tested since they fall under the grandfather clause of the “Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976.”

The chemical industries' reasoning for this is that these compounds have been in use for decades and seem to have been safe. But how do we know if it’s never been tested? We do know that health problems are on the rise such as ADD, ADHD, leukemia, birth defects and infertility yet no one is sure why.

We don’t have to sit and wait for research to prove one thing or the other. It is obvious from the above information that our bodies do need help with the cleansing and detoxification processes. We know that we probably will not clear out all the toxic chemicals in a matter of a couple weeks, but at the same time many of us now know how to be proactive.

For starters, you can use a cleansing program for a month or so three to four times a year. Opt for organic foods when possible.  Continue to research on your own, to learn which foods can help your body cleanse and even help remove toxic chemicals. As long as you move forward you are helping your body become stronger.

This is why I’ve always said that our bodies are stronger than we think. When you realize the burden it has and it still functions each day, imagine if you help lessen the burden. The immune system will be more free to do what it needs to, you may feel better and you might even have more energy than you knew possible!