Weight Loss Guide

Since many of dieters already know what not to eat to lose weight, a weight loss guide may help keep you on track.  Often our choices seem limited, but sometimes sticking to the basics makes weight loss easier.  Remember the basics and use them as replacements for the less healthy foods.

Eating foods in their natural form can give you the most health benefits without the hidden dangers. This includes grains, which are not as healthy as they once were.  For example, due to genetically altered strains of wheat, a less healthy version of a once-healthy food now dominates breads, cereals and other grains.  What to do?

Look for less irritating grains such as amaranth, oats or quinoa. For easier weight loss, replace grains with cruciferous vegetables such as kale or spinach, since these are important vegetables that are often neglected.

Meats can be filled with harmful antibiotics and hormones, upsetting your natural balance. To counteract this, look for free range, grass fed beef or free range chicken, turkey breast, wild-caught fish, and free range, organic eggs for protein.

The focus of any weight loss guide should include meals that include fresh, organic produce and enjoy a variety of vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients, including antioxidants. Whole, organic fruits and vegetables will provide more vitamins, minerals and fiber than their frozen or canned counterparts. If you simply cannot consume 5-7 servings per day, try making your own fresh vegetable juice. This will add not only the many wonderful nutrients for energy, and beautiful skin and hair, but enzymes that help speed metabolism.

Instead of skipping meals, like breakfast, include a healthy smoothie, vegetable juice or light breakfast of fruit and yogurt. Or get creative and make home made granola with raw oats, seeds, nuts, raisins and coconut oil, which will supply you with iron, folate and protein to maintain energy levels and increase your body's fat burning capacity. Eating a healthy meal instead of skipping it will increase metabolism while helping you feel more energetic and less hungry throughout the day.

Consuming healthy fats and oils can help you feel fuller, for longer. Instead of the usual soybean or canola oil, which can create internal inflammation, making it harder to lose weight, use extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil and grape seed oil. These reduce internal inflammation, provide antioxidant compounds and lower the risk of heart disease. Another way to consume healthy fats is by eating avocados, grass-fed beef and almond or cashew butter.

Weight Loss Guide Beverages

What you drink is as important as what you eat, which is why no weight loss guide would be complete without mentioning them.  With all the fruit juices and sports drinks available these days, it is easy to neglect drinking fresh, spring water each day. But fresh, pure water is essential for weight loss and life.

Water should not be used as much for nutritional intake as it should be used for helping hydrate and clear excess waste, fat and toxins. Water is necessary to keep our blood, lymph and brain clear of impurities. While your body detoxifies waste and foreign substances, your lymphatic fluid and blood help transport this waste out of your body and keeps your liver clear so it can metabolism harmful fat. Not drinking enough water can make metabolism sluggish and weight loss more difficult.

Detox Drinks – Are These Beneficial?

Detox drinks are often talked about these days – but what are they? The answer may be as simple as home made flavored waters to the Master Cleanse drink; popular with celebrities such as Beyonce, and can be as complicated as making your own fresh pressed veggie juice every day.

Adding certain drinks to your daily diet can increase your body's ability to remove fat and impurities. Some additions may include citrus such as lemon juice, or even metabolism stimulating herbs such as capsaicin. Green tea (1) is a detox drink in itself, and has been shown to help dieters lose more weight while dieting as well as protect your body from cancer, diabetes and even cardiovascular disease. 

To be successful follow a healthy weight loss guide and use common sense.  Consume enough nutrition to help your body stay healthy, eat enough protein for your muscles and keep your beverages healthy. Together, this type of planning will help you create a food plan that can work for your taste while keeping you healthy and fit.

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(1) New Research on the Health Benefits of Green Tea" Life Extension Foundation Magazine