Cantaloupe Can Help You Lose

If you are looking to lose a few pounds without too much effort, try starting each day with a cup of fresh cantaloupe. Research has found that eating a cup daily can help shed body fat and weight - up to 12 pounds in 12 weeks without doing anything else different!

But for those cleansing, it has many other benefits. Besides being high in Vitamin A to give your skin a healthy glow, cantaloupe contains SOD, otherwise known as superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that helps your body fight cancer and cleanse up the bad, or sticky cholesterol that can clog arteries. This is the same enzyme that dark green superfoods contain, and help boost your liver's ability to detoxify harmful toxins.

The malic acid found in cantaloupe helps your body shed dangerous belly fat. In addition, eating a cup a day of this delicious fruit can help suppress your appetite, making it easier to stay on track with your cleanse.

There are many recipes to use cantaloupe with - but I prefer to eat it alone. When you cleanse for weight loss , it is best that during this time you follow food-combining principles which claim that cantaloupe needs to be digested alone. I have always found most of these principles to hold true in real-life practice.

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