How to Cleanse Your Body

How to cleanse the body - Doing a body cleanse or colon cleanse can range from as little as taking fiber or having a body wrap to a full on program using diet, herbs and even body work with the assistance of a trained professional.  Either way, to make the best choice, it's best to know what you need for your lifestyle and your health goals.

As you learn how to cleanse your body, a major goal should be to make your body stronger.  A stronger body can cleanse even deeper (older waste) with less of a “healing crisis.” In the long run, a stronger body will keep you healthier, slimmer, younger, give you more protection against disease and more energy.  Therefore, during any body or colon cleanse, to nourish and build the system is important.


Diet is important during a total body cleanse or colon cleanse. Your body can digest food or it can cleanse (digest old matter) but it will have a difficult time doing both. Remember, if it could it would have been doing so all along.

Therefore, to cleanse your body, eat cleansing foods that will enhance digestion and not burden it. Foods that aid digestion are mainly raw fruits, raw vegetables and lightly steamed vegetables. There are many variations, and knowing which foods support your body will help you tailor a cleansing diet to suit your needs.


When learning how to cleanse the body, you will find that supplements are a major contributor to cleansing. The herbs provide extra nutrition, which is needed during a cleanse.  


Don’t overlook the role of bodywork during any body cleanse. Many health practitioners know how to assist a body cleanse by manually moving toxins through the lymphatic system, such as lymphatic drainage and massage therapy. Other bodywork therapies include infrared sauna, chi machine, colonics and, my absolute favorite, rebounder exercise which is actually a bodywork combined with aerobic, non-impact exercise using a trampoline designed for exercise.

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