Best Colon Cleanse Program

Best colon cleanse - Digestive health is important to overall health and well being.  When your digestion is working properly, your metabolism is strong and you feel more energetic.  To aid in resetting digestion, many people use a colon cleanse to help.

A colon cleanse may have various meanings, depending upon whom you are talking to or which supplement company is describing it.  But the bottom line is this type of program is intended to help the body, and intestinal tract in particular, naturally clear built up waste and toxins.

Our first instincts may be to believe the body is meant to cleanse and detoxify all on it's own.  The problem with this thinking is that it leads us to believe our bodies will perform this function, regardless of diet or lifestyle.  Unfortunately, this just is not true.

Our bodies are meant to stabilize at a healthy weight while digestion and metabolism both aid in maintenance.  But if we consume too much of the "wrong" foods, it is well documented that our bodies will not digest the excess nor eliminate it, resulting in weight gain and poor health.  We must eat the right foods to maintain a healthy weight.

Any of our bodily systems works in this manner.  Simply put, our bodies need the right nutritional support to function properly; systems and organs that cleanse and detoxify are no exception.  With that being said, below are the many ways to find your best colon cleanse.

Best Colon Cleanse Program

4 Week Colon Cleanse 
A good, general cleanse; best for first timers. This type of cleanse uses a 4 week format to work towards the ultimate cleanse diet of raw fruits and veggies or even go on the the 7 Day Cleanse.

Colon Cleanse with Clay
Some people like to use bentonite clay for deeper cleansing. It is not absorbed into the intestines, but instead softens waste and attracts toxins making them easier for your body to remove. This type of colon cleanse is intensive so requires more diligence while doing it.

Whole Body Cleanse Program
This is a complete colon and body cleanse program. It starts with a 3 week cleanse and ends with a 7 day intensive. One of the best cleanse programs available.

Weight Loss Cleanse
This is a best colon cleanse that helps your body remove excess waste with an emphasis on food and supplements to remove toxins that make or keep you fat, raise metabolism and flush waste easier.

Raw Food Cleanse
A raw food diet is another way to help your body cleanse and detoxify. It is a different approach and takes re-learning how to prepare foods, but can be very healthy. Many use this type of program for 1 month to lose weight, gain energy, and even to look younger.

Intestinal Health Cleanse
A 4 week cleanse to aid the body's elimination of intestinal virus, bacteria or parasites

Fasting takes a little more work than most people think. It is not merely the act of not eating, but a way to ease into not eating while staying healthy at the same time. If you do not enter or exit a fast properly, you could set yourself up for extreme discomfort as well as a host of health issues.

Blood Parasites Cleanse
Learn how to find a cleanse for blood parasites.

Gall Bladder Cleanse and Liver Cleanse
These include overnight cleanse/flush recipes that are said to clear stones or other waste from the gall bladder and liver.

Artery and Blood Cleanse
Many people are opting to be proactive when it comes to arterial plaque buildup. A little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to health. As one doctor put it, the yellow globs that surgeons pull out of clogged arteries is always called saturated fat, never crushed broccoli. This type of program can teach you how to help your body naturally break down or prevent this type of plaque buildup.

Find Your Best Cleansing Diet - Learn how to do-it-yourself; create a cleansing diet to work with your lifestyle and goals.

My name is Cindy and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist in the Calabasas Area of California, health researcher and author.  Welcome to my site.