Raw Food Cleanse

A raw food cleanse is an excellent way to cleanse your body in the summer time. In fact, raw fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and seeds will help the body cleanse quicker than any other diet. However, jumping in too soon can cause many problems with the cleansing reactions, digestive issues and lack of nutrition.

There are ways to work into cleansing with raw foods slowly so the body is stronger and better prepared to cleanse. Here are suggestions to do a 4 Week Cleanse by completing with an all raw diet cleansing diet.

  • Drink fresh veggie and fruit juices to get extra nutrition. This will help your body become stronger - and a stronger body cleanses with less problems. Start this from the beginning.
  • Don't try to eat a 100% raw diet from the start. Start by making 50% of your entire diet raw. Work your way to 100% raw by the third week of your cleanse. Eat this way for the next week.
  • For week four of your cleanse, eat only raw fruits and veggies along with your cleansing supplements.
  • You can keep this up for one to four weeks. Many people will continue on to a raw food lifestyle or transition back to a healthy diet using both raw and cooked. Either way, be sure you transition slowly and get your nutrients!
  • Use a Raw Food Program if you are going to attempt eating a 100% raw diet for a longer period of time. A program like this can give you the tools you need for optimal health.

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