Body Cleanse, Holistic Nutrition and Naturally Healthy

A body cleanse or detox helps many people lose weight, recover health, or even look younger.  Holistic practitioners claim we all need it while the medical community claims your body can do it alone, without help.  So who is right?  

It turns out they both are.  Your body has organs and systems made to naturally cleanse and detoxify, but at the same time we need good nutrition to help our bodies stay strong.  Just like you have to eat right to lose weight or gain muscle, you have to do the right things to help your body cleanse.  READ MORE...

Holistic Nutrition

Certain foods, unhealthy diet, stress, illness and age can all contribute to the decline of your body's natural abilities.  This decline includes sluggishness of the organs that help your body naturally detoxify and eliminate waste and toxins, both environmental and metabolic. This, in turn, leads to a quicker deterioration of health and accelerates the aging process.

Nutrition from powerful, organic foods and herbs, and even colon cleansing has been used for centuries by many to maintain or regain health, have more energy, lose weight and even look and feel younger.  This has been documented by the Ancient Egyptians, Indian Ayurvedic healing and Asian traditions of herbs and acupuncture, to name a few.  Now modern science is confirming the power of foods, spices and herbs to heal. READ MORE...

Juicing Nutrition for That Extra Boost

What's better than a vitamin supplement and packs more nutrients than an organic salad?  Fresh, made vegetable juice, of course!  Juicing provides the extra nutrition we all need in our modern, fast-paced lifestyle.  Learn how to benefit with juicing.  READ MORE...

While you have organs to cleanse and detoxify, if you are lacking the right nutrients, these systems become weak and sluggish. Holistic nutrition is a powerful tool that you can use to help maintain and even rebuild these systems. Ensuring your body has the ability to naturally cleanse and detoxify ensures your metabolism, immune system and overall health is at its peak.

Herbs and food don’t make you well, they give your body the strength it needs to heal and be well. This includes manufacturing healthy, new cells to replace the old diseased ones. Your immune system must kill and expel the old diseased cells along with bacteria, virus and other harmful pathogens. Our bodies are made to heal themselves. It is us that must make the decision to give it the tools it needs.

My name is Cindy and this is my site. I am am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor, holistic health researcher and author, and I created this site to share the help and guidance I have received during my journey.

I truly believe that we are all capable of helping our bodies heal of many health issues; even those that are considered life-threatening. I have seen first-hand the power of an individual to heal of various cancers, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, and more.  It takes discipline and dedication. But first, it takes knowledge that is not yet taught in mainstream schools.

Nutrition and holistic practices are the basis of all health and takes one on a path in which learning about yourself is the ultimate goal. Mind, body and spirit are entwined and as you heal one of these aspects, you heal the others.

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My name is Cindy and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor, health researcher and author.  Welcome to my site.

I was a client of Cindy's and one of the many people who encouraged her to put her program into writing. It was a worthy investment of my time and money and I believe it will help many others on their quest for health.***Barbara G., Massage Therapist and Nutritional Counselor

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