Colon Cleanse to Protect Your Health

A colon cleanse should be part of anyone's health regimen, no matter who you are and where you live. The reasons are simple - it is a natural process and the missing link to excellent health. Here's some facts to think about.

The United States FDA standards allow 10 fruit fly eggs and 2 maggot eggs in one cup of orange juice. Many find this news shocking, but it is a fact.

The FDA also allows small amounts of harmful chemicals called pesticides, preservatives and dyes because it is known that the tiny amount will not hurt you. (National Resources Defense Council

What's not tested but widely overlooked is the fact that most of us don't consume one serving of a food with the above ingredients. In fact in a normal day, many of us consume at least 5-10 times any tested amount of chemicals because nearly everything we eat contains some amount of processing or pesticides. And that doesn't even count what you absorb through your skin from deodorants, lotions and soaps or what you breathe in from the pollution. (These pollutants are picked up by the blood and carried throughout your system.)

If you eat organic, don't think you're off the hook. Although much higher in nutrition, organic foods are also known to contain parasite residue. This shouldn't scare you, though.

The human body is made to deal with contaminates of all sorts. The fact that your food may contain something harmful or gross-sounding doesn't mean you should stop eating. If you evaluated every food that you consume, you would find many potential unfriendlies. But don't stress...

Your body is made to cleanse and detoxify. It is a natural process to help it with a colon cleanse. Just as we help the body grow by eating healthy foods for nutrition, it is perfectly natural to help the body with herbs and fibers to keep the inside healthy.

Many cultures throughout the centuries have eaten herbs to help their bodies cleanse. It is also natural to consume herbs for parasite control. All animal bodies (including mammals) are prone to parasite infections - it is a natural in nature. Just because we live in a modern society doesn't eliminate the fact that even as humans, we are mammals.

The bottom line is this. It is very natural to use a colon cleanse, a parasite cleanse or a body detox program to remove chemical residues. The body cannot receive nutrition without our help (eating). By the same token, we must help with the cleansing process.

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