Mucosal Plaque

Mucosal plaque is not a myth. In fact, this build up is a normal result of a defense mechanism that is part of our bodies design. Here's how it happens...

Once you chew your food and swallow it goes to the stomach, then the small intestine where most digestion takes place.

The small intestine has a normal mucosal lining that helps the digestive process. When you eat junk food, or foods that contain additives like food colorings and preservatives, and pesticides, then your body will release extra mucus to add to this lining so the toxins will not pass through and absorb into the blood stream.

If there is too much mucus released, it builds up and turns into a sludge-like substance.

When this happens, nutrients will not be able to pass through to get into your blood stream. Also, the build up of this mucus will make your intestines less flexible. This means slower "elimination." In other words - everything is not leaving.

It is the constant adding and building up of this mucosal lining that will eventually turn to a mucosal plaque buildup. Just as a calcium plaque builds up in the arteries even though the blood constantly flows, a mucosal plaque can build up in the small intestine even though one eliminates each day

This buildup will also make your metabolism sluggish. To make matters worse, if your digestion isn’t working properly and if we aren’t chewing our food, more waste will be added to this buildup in the form of undigested food.

Your body can only digest protein roughly in the amount the size of your palm. If you eat more than this, your body cannot digest it. Add it to the buildup. White flour is also difficult for your body to digest.

Health Experts around the world have tried to tell us about this plaque build up for years. The mainstream medical community says it simply doesn't exist. However, ask any nurse or doctor and they will tell you that the process I just described to you above is a real process.

We also have pictures to prove that it is removed from the body. Some people claim that is merely the fiber leaving your body. However, they cannot explain why, then, it smells like chemicals or tar on the street. Also, if you leave fiber in water, it does not look the same as these pictures .

A true colon cleanse program will take some time as it takes time for the mucosal plaque to soften. It takes time to help the body remove this waste and it takes time to restore normal function.

Working with a colon cleansing program along with proper diet and perhaps some bodywork can expedite the cleansing process. It takes time and diligence to eliminate mucosal plaque but the hard work is worth the effort.

Here are two of the best programs to get rid of this plaque and all the harm that goes with it:

The SpringClean Cleanse - The Manual for Cleansing and Detoxification
The is the complete Cleansing program that I wrote and is the same program I have been teaching and helping clients with for 17 years. It will teach you how to do a thorough and lasting colon cleanse to help your body rid itself of internal sludge, help your body get stronger and get healthy. Once health is learned it will help you for life.

Master Cleanse Secret 10 Day Diet - This program is designed to help anyone do the Master Cleanse that has been around for hundreds of years. It is the cleanse that many celebrities use to drop weight and look their best to get camera-ready.

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