The Truth About Colon Cleansing

The truth about colon cleansing is debated as the medical community frowns on it, yet those who actually try it are enthusiastic advocates. As colon cleansing becomes more popular the controversies are everywhere. From “plaque lining the colon” to the “body cleanses itself” how do we know what's right? Let's explore the facts.

One problem is that a mucoid plaque buildup is said to line the colon - it doesn’t. This buildup actually covers the small intestine, which is the first 20 or so feet after the stomach and before the five feet of colon. It is here that nutrients are supposed to be assimilated through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. And when you eat junk food, consume toxins such as drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and pesticides, this is where your body will excrete excess mucus that can build up over time.

As we overeat, eat while stressed, or eat too many processed/junk foods, our intestines excrete extra mucus to protect us from toxins. In addition, if you eat too much animal protein, your body cannot digest it all. Unfortunately, if it cannot be digested after the meal, it will be stored or contribute to accumulated waste. The buildup is now beginning to line the small intestine.

As you cleanse, you start taking herbs to help break down the built up waste. Contained in these herbs will be fiber to soften plaque and herbs to help strengthen your organs and kill or neutralize toxins. In addition, eat a cleansing diet of mainly fruits, veggies, whole grains and other non-processed foods. This process takes time.

Some say that the body is capable of cleansing by itself. If the body could eliminate or detox everything it doesn’t need, we should be able to eat cookies every day and not store excess waste in fat cells which makes them – well - fat.

Another truth about colon cleansing is that we are animals. All animals are susceptible to parasites and we are no different. Even doctors are coming around and agreeing this is true. It is a fact that many people who have weight issues have parasites . The only ones who don't believe that are those who have never tried a cleansing program.

Yes - our organs and bodies are made to detox themselves. Our bodies are also made to make new cells and rebuild every day, but cannot do so without proper nutrition. So, the actual truth about colon cleansing is that in order to cleanse, our bodies need help through the right nutrition, fiber and practices that contribute to sensible health.

In today’s culture of stress, fast food, and degenerative disease along with every kind of external pollution, we must do what we can to help our bodies stay healthy.

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