Why Cleanse?
Here are 6 Great Reasons to Help Your Body Cleanse

A common question in holistic health is why cleanse our bodies, when we know they are made to do so on their own? The answer is simple; just as your body is made to heal a scratch, grow new hair, mend a bone, or make new skin cells, you still must help your body by feeding it.

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These functions would not be possible without the help of the building blocks we consume through nutrition.  Just as you help your body grow, heal and stay clean, you must help your body and organs cleanse.

Many of us do not consider what, exactly, our organs are attempting to cleanse and how important this function is.  You might be surprised at the answer.

Why Cleanse?  Because Clearing Toxins Helps You Absorb Nutrition

We live in a modern world where industry and technology are abundant.   A side effect of this, unfortunately, is environmental toxins in the air, water and soil, which comes back to us through the food we eat and the water we drink.

Chemical toxins such as perchlorate in our water upset the workings of the thyroid. A pesticide, called DDT for short, is an organochloride found in water and soil. It is known to be linked to various cancers, nervous system and liver damage, and hormonal problems. While banned today, it is still found in 99% of the people tested at the CDC because it is already in the environmental cycle; used as a pesticide it infected our soil, ran into our lake waters, streams and rivers which evaporated then fell back as rain which contaminated the soil, and so on.

Other chemical toxins or pollutants that build up in your bodily systems come from a number of sources such as a myriad of pesticides found in non-organic produce, non-organic grains, and to a lesser degree but possibly still present in organic produce due to soil and rain being contaminated. Also you have chemicals used as food colorings, preservatives, and other substances used in processing, artificial flavorings, food stabilizers and a number of other additives; especially in processed foods.

Added to the list of obstacles is medications that can interfere with our bodies ability to absorb nutrients as well as mercury or aluminum buildup from vaccines, artificial hormones, antibiotics, mercury fillings, implants, and even fluoride treatments.

The air in contaminated with industrial smoke and pollution, perfumes containing toxic chemicals, deodorants and at home we have the chemicals and fumes from paints, carpets, varnishes, heating systems and cleaning agents.

This list has not even covered the toxins produced by our own bodies. Your body creates its own internal, or metabolic, toxins as a result of doing its daily job of living. These should not be a problem, but when added to the lists from above, you can quickly see why our bodies can easily become over burdened in this day and age.

Just as you help your body heal from an illness or regenerate new cell growth, you can help your body cleanse and detoxify. This is especially true with holistic nutrition, which is designed to provide the components necessary for your organs of detoxification and elimination (cleansing organs) to do their jobs.  A body cleanse uses holistic nutrition to feed, or support, your organs of detoxification and elimination, so they can all do their jobs - naturally.

Now, let's look a little deeper into how a body cleanse is beneficial, when done properly.  Here are some benefits that people derive from body cleansing:

  • Weight Loss
  • Stress Management
  • Slow or Reverse the Aging Process
  • Slow or even Reverse Degenerative Disease
  • Remove Toxins that make you sluggish
  • Clear and Freshen Skin

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