Surgery Sucks so Make Your Own Natural Anti-Aging Program, Instead

With a little knowledge, you can make your own anti-aging program.  While many turn to surgery, it can often go wrong, look unnatural and can break your wallet, all at the same time.   But with the right anti aging program, you can drastically slow the aging process to look and feel your best for years to come.

DIY Anti Aging Program Tips

Exercise - Exercise should be part of any anti aging program and is number one to keep bones strong, ligaments flexible, muscles tones and mind sharp.  Walking is common, but the latest research shows that resistance exercise, such as lifting weights, should be incorporated for better muscle tone.  Cardio helps ward off unwanted pounds that tend to accumulate as we age, so aim for at least 30 minutes a day (after checking with your doctor, of course).

Rebounding is more popular than ever an an anti-aging exercise.   In fact, who knew that jumping on a small trampoline for 10-20 minutes counts as exercise? This anti-aging exercise benefits all muscles and cells, inside and out.  Many health advocates believe it helps keep not only overall muscle tone, but can help the muscles of the face to stay toned.  

Juicing -  It is no secret that as we age, our metabolism slows along with digestion causing a lighter appetite yet without the capacity to absorb all the nutrients.  Here to save the day is vegetable juice, such as carrot and spinach, which are full of nutrients needed for your body to continue producing collagen which is a precursor to healthy, supple skin. It is also full of vitamins and minerals needed for your entire body to remain healthy and full of life. When you make your own anti-aging program, include the vegetable juices for the added nutrition. Your body can utilize these more than any pill, and the live enzymes are an added benefit.

Essential Fatty Acids - EFA's are and excellent part of an anti aging program. They are needed for hormonal balance, which is important to keep your skin from prematurely thinning. In addition, these "oils" are needed for elasticity of skin and hair and lubricating your joints. EFA's have also been proven to benefit brain function and keep you from feeling depressed.

Growth Hormone - Another theory of aging, and reason we age is the decline of human growth hormone (HGH) which is the body’s messenger for repairing worn out cells, such as skin and hair, and making new ones. You will almost always find a growth hormone supplement as part of an anti aging program.   While using a synthetic growth hormone can have negative side effects, there is no harm when taking the correct nutrients to help your body continue to manufacture and release its own growth hormone.  Often these Precursors to growth hormone can be found over the counter.

Dry Skin Brushing - Another way to keep skin glowing is Dry Skin Brushing every day.  This practice exfoliates old skin cells, far more than a loofa or body sponge.   It brings blood to the surface of your skin, which brings more blood, allowing your skin more access to the nutrients and oxygen that is carried through your bloodstream. 

Facial Exercise - Many anti aging and health enthusiasts feel that the muscles of the face can be toned just like any other muscle in our body.  Facial exercise is the special kind of exercise for these tiny muscles and many claim it helps keep their face from sagging.  Many prefer this over an expensive face-lift due to the lack of painful side effects and dangers of anesthesia.

When it comes to an anti aging program, all of these items contribute to giving your body the nutrition it needs to continue to manufacture collagen, keep your skin firm, your muscle tone and head clear. This is the "binder" that keeps your skin firm. As we age, we can give our bodies all the help it needs to keep the process strong as long as we can.