What's Your Best Body Cleanse?

Finding the best body cleanse for your needs and goals can be challenging.  Some programs last three days while some as long as 21 days or more, so how do you know which cleanse program is appropriate, or if it even works?

Ever feel sluggish, tired or just need a body reset?  Body cleansing has become the go-to practice to help reset digestion, increase energy or even to aid in weight loss.  The ways to cleanse are many and may range from fasting for a day or two, to using body wraps or a full on program with an experienced practitioner.  For most of us a temporary change in diet along with nutritional supplements is the easiest and most accessible way type of body cleanse.

Once you decide to cleanse and start searching for the right way, you will find there are many different types of programs to choose from, each using different herbs and nutrients.  Nutritional supplements are often added to support organs with extra nutrition needed during this time. Since different herbs have different nutrients and different nutrients are needed by different organs, your best body cleanse will depend on your specific goals.

Below, you will find the goals along with which type of body cleanse will work best to reach those goals.  If you just feel like you need to cleanse with no specific goal in mind, no worries, just read each section and see where your lifestyle fits in. 

Finding Your Best Body Cleanse

Weight Loss - A weight loss cleanse works very much like a traditional diet and exercise, yet with some additions that may make it easier to reach your goals.  A detox diet is traditionally followed along with a well-rounded nutritional supplement.  Some products may be packaged in a variety of pills and powders while others are all inclusive.  Herbal Fiberblend was the product most often used at my health center, as it worked for 90% of my clients as the basis for most cleanse programs.

Clear Skin - If clearer, glowing skin is your goal, you may benefit with a kidney cleanse.  This type of cleanse incorporates nutritional supplements that offer kidney support.  This is because kidneys help clear your blood, which in turn affects your skin, hair, hormonal system and may even help your body naturally eliminate kidney stones before they become a problem.

Stressed Out? - A metal cleanse may be your answer.  Sometimes built up, internal toxins such as environmental pollutants or even metabolic waste may affect not only how we feel physically, but can affect our moods.  Many people feel much better, emotionally, after a body cleanse.  Some practitioners, like those at the Linus Pauling Institute, believe that clearing chemicals or pesticides in particular is of importance when it comes to emotional health.  In this type of cleanse, products such as Chlorella are included, which may help clear blood and your lymphatic system.

Heart Health - It is important to take care of your heart, and we know that a healthy diet is best to accomplish this.  But some take this a step further with an artery cleanse, which may help clear and strengthen your cardiovascular system, if done along with a heart healthy diet.

More Energy - If you desire to feel healthier, lighter and want more energy, a cleanse geared to your liver may be just want you need.  Often eating a detox diet can accomplish this, while adding herbs for liver support may help ensure you stay healthy as the toxins leave your body.

Hardcore Healing - If weight loss is a challenge, skin issues are a problem and just an all around sluggish feeling ails you, you might want to get hardcore with a parasite cleanse to help clear what's bugging you.  This is best done along with a healthy diet and maybe extra nutritional support such as fiber or liver support.

We all could probably use each one of the body cleanses at some point. Decide on your immediate needs, follow your chosen program and eat healthy. This will help you get the most out of any body cleanse program.