Weight Loss Cleanse
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Weight loss cleanse - Traditional dieting is hard.  All too often obstacles like food cravings and fatigue cause dieters to give up too early.  If this sounds like you, don't blame yourself.

Difficulty losing weight may have more to do with toxins lodged in our tissues than any lack of willpower.  Modern research shows that environmental toxins do get stored in fatty tissues and organs. 

weight loss cleanse

Interfering Obesogens

Obesogens are a class of substances (mainly environmental toxins) known as endocrine disrupting chemicals.  They are often stored in fatty tissues as our bodies cannot fully process them, and they interfere with the function of our hormonal systems.  Researchers believe some can cause stem cells to act as fat cells.

They are found in a variety of food that some people may even consider healthy, such as soy.  Hormones found in soy, especially highly processed products like tofu, can cause weight gain, belly bloat and excess body fat.

Other sources of endocrine disrupting chemicals may be found in stored in our bodies from meats, plastics in food wrapping and chemicals used in food processing.  According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, these substances can be linked to not only weight gain, but cardiovascular disease, cancers, brain abnormalities and impaired immune function.

What's Wrong With Dieting?

Eating healthy for weight loss is one of the toughest lifestyle changes to make; and it's not because we are weak or lack willpower.  

Around a decade or so ago as we were getting fatter, medical doctors claimed obese patients had glandular problems.  And it turns out the glandular problem was not one of genetics, but the accumulation of the endocrine disrupting substances. 

Typical side-effects of dieting may include; intense food cravings, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, weakness, hypoglycemia, temporary weight loss only to gain more back, and even hair loss.  It turns out that as we diet, internal toxins become dislodged and wreak havoc on internal systems such as appetite control and mood regulators. (2)

Add to this that obesogens are thought to hijack internal regulatory systems that maintain body weight.   The Endocrine Society has funded research and makes note that the rise in obesity coincides with the rise in the distribution of industrial chemicals into our food and environment.

If it sounds like all odds are against you, don't worry.  A weight loss cleanse program can work with your body to help in the removal of toxins that can lead to interfering with endocrine balance, appetite controls and even low thyroid. As these toxins are removed, many of the symptoms associated with the side-effects may also be removed.  It takes time, but will be worth it.

Weight Loss Cleanse Tips

  • Don’t fall into the trap that a weight loss cleanse is a quick fix. You should lose between one half and two pounds a week if you want to keep it off.
  • Don’t miss meals. The "right" foods, especially whole, organic vegetables, stimulate metabolism while helping your body remove unwanted waste due to the high fiber content.  And do try to eat organic as often as you can
  • Eliminate white sugar or white flour, as these are often highly processed foods that will contain some of the obesogens you want to avoid.
  • Eliminate fried foods
  • Avoid eating or drinking canned anything
  • Avoid foods that contain hormones and antibiotics; opt for free-range, grass fed beef, fish that is not farmed, and poultry that is free range with no antibiotics.
  • Avoid water and drinks in plastic bottles that are labeled with a 7 on the bottom of the container (Most no longer contain BPA)
  • Try adding supplemental fiber to help your body cleanse. This can help absorb excess toxins as they are released throughout your system as well as help clear your intestinal tract.
  • Drink fresh, spring water with no added substances (such as chlorine, fake nutrients or fluoride).
  • Drink warm water with fresh lemon juice added to stimulate your body's natural flushing ability.
weight loss cleanse tips

As you help your body with holistic nutrition and add supplements to turn your program into a weight loss cleanse, you may find yourself losing cravings, feeling more energetic and vibrant.  Take your time and allow your body to cleanse naturally, as it took time to gain weight it will take time to lose.

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