Cleansing Vegetables - What Are They?

Cleansing vegetables are important for any colon cleanse program or for daily consumption. I have classified the main vegetables into two groups, one for eating and the other for juicing. But first let's go over some vegetable facts.

All fresh, organic vegetables will help cleanse the body. Raw vegetables are more cleansing than cooked. In fact, if you started eating a diet of only raw vegetables right now you couldn't help but cleanse!

How we prepare our vegetables will be a factor on how it affects our colon cleanse. Steamed veggies are easier to digest and are best eaten in the evening while digestive enzymes are at their lowest. Raw vegetables stimulate the digestive enzymes to work harder and help stimulate cleansing. However, it is best to eat these in the day time while the digestion is at it's strongest. Drinking the juices of vegetables can be cleansing and strengthening. While adjusting to a cleansing diet, juice will give you all the nutrition you need so the organs are strong for their role in detoxing.

Most Popular Cleansing Vegetables

  • All lettuces are high in water content and fiber. This is a great combination for cleansing. Eat a variety to get the wide array of nutrients found in the different types.
  • Onions are antimicrobial which helps protect against infection. In addition, they promote the growth of good bacteria which is important during a cleanse.
  • Spinach if full of antioxidants. These are always important, but more important while cleansing. This is because when we cleanse, our bodies release toxins trapped in the tissues throughout the body. These must travel through our bodies on their way out. Many of these toxins are carcinogenic. Antioxidants provide natural and powerful protection against these cancer causing microbes.
  • Fresh, raw carrots are excellent for cleansing. They contain a phytonutrient called falcarinol which protects against colon cancer. This is important during while cleansing since many toxins will leave via the colon. In addition, carrots contain carotenoids which is believed help blood sugar regulation. This is important while we are eating less. You will benefit more if you eat your carrots raw and grated.

Cleansing vegetables work whether you eat them or juice them.  But be careful; some veggies like beets become very powerful when juiced and drinking too much may lead to cramping and other gastrointestinal discomfort.

Cleansing Vegetables for Juicing

  • Celery is known as the best vegetable for cleansing juice. Celery juice is a natural vitamin/mineral water which will help move toxins out while keeping nutrition in. It also is known to help the body regulate sodium/potassium exchange which is extremely important to keep your heart strong and regular.
  • Cucumber juice is also a natural vitamin/mineral water. It is especially cleansing for the skin.
  • Beet juice will strengthen the liver and kidneys. This is needed during times of cleansing as these are the main cleansing organs. It is important these are strong to handle the extra burden of the toxins flowing through the body on their way out.

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