Colon Cleanse Diet

The best colon cleanse diet is one that works for you.  Many people tout raw foods for cleansing, some claim you can eat cooked foods while others say fasting is the only way to go.  With all these discrepancies, what do you do?

First of all, body cleansing is a process that is natural and inherent to certain bodily systems; it is not something that is "done" to you.  You have to find what will set your "cleanse" cycle into motion.

For some, simply refraining from meat will begin the cleansing process while for others adding fresh fruits and vegetables to their daily regimen will do the trick.  We each start at different stages in life and each of our bodies has different types of "waste" or "toxins" it needs to clear out.

I find it's best to learn how various foods affect your body, which foods are detrimental to a cleanse and why, and then evaluate which ones are best for you.  It sounds like a lot of work, but with just a little practice, things begin falling into place.

colon cleanse diet

During your colon cleanse diet evaluation, determine what your goals are, as this will help you decide how strict or not you need or want to be. 

For example, if you are physically weak with a health issue or if you work a lot; these scenarios make a difference in how much you should restrict your nutrient intake.  Both of these situations require more nutrient dense foods than one who is able to rest more.

Colon Cleanse Diet Basics

As with any diet for weight loss, healing or detoxing, there are restrictions that are part of a colon cleanse diet.  The one that is a common factor in all of these, including a colon cleanse, is to cut out junk foods, including all fast foods and most processed foods.

This is important since these foods contain not only dangerous fats and an overload of hidden sugars, but they also use unhealthy additives to keep certain parts of the "food" fresh, and chemicals that may be added for color or to keep vegetables from turning brown.  Here's a list of other items to eliminate from your colon cleanse diet (don't worry, there will be a list of what you can eat to follow!);

  • Alcohol and Soda Pop
  • Processed grains such as; breads, commercially manufactured cereals, bleached rice, etc.
  • Processed meats including; hamburger, corned beef, sausage, hot dogs,  lunch meats in general, etc.
  • Processed "health" foods like; tofu, protein bars, most dried fruits, most foods labeled as "fat free," margarine, gluten-free junk food 
  • Milk and milk products
  • Sweets such as; candies, cakes, pies, brownies, etc.

Why So Many Restrictions?

We come into contact with many types of "toxins" in our daily lives.  This term covers a broad spectrum of substances from air pollution to contaminants and chemicals in our water to even more in our food.

Add to this food processing chemicals and those that are meant to make the foods look beautiful, taste better or simply last longer on the shelf.  We must also include medications, recreational drugs and even internal metabolic toxins that are created by our own bodies during metabolism.

If we consumed these toxins once in a while, our bodies would probably be able to process and remove them.  We have organs and systems that are designed to deal with many of these substances - even if they are man-made.

The problem arrives when we consume or somehow come into contact with these substances on a daily basis.  As we eat, drink, breathe and internally create more toxins, our bodies become weakened as it is overburdened and cannot do its job.

Gaining Weight

Ever eat too much food and gain weight?  If yes, then you have experienced the sluggishness your metabolism experiences due to overeating.

When we overeat, our digestive system cannot keep up.  As part of digestion, our bodies are intended to remove the waste once all the food is metabolized.  Gaining weight means your body has not been able to metabolize all that is being eaten - so your body stores it, instead.

But not everyone gains weight as a result of overeating, because the results will only show up years later (then we claim to have a slower metabolism).

The SAD Diet

Weight gain is not the only reason to cleanse.  Eating a diet that is full of processed foods, or simply not paying attention to what we eat can create its own set of health issues.

As we continue to eat highly processed foods for a period of time, we can develop food allergies.  Modern people see far more wheat and nut allergies than ever before.  There comes a point when your body is trying to tell you, "enough," and your body simply cannot tolerate a particular food any longer.

Another side effect of eating foods that are not wholesome may be illness.  Studies do show correlations between certain pesticides and hormonal abnormalities (such as DDT's), processed meats and colon cancer (such as bacon), and refined grains, red meat and vegetable oils create internal inflammation, which is a factor in heart disease.

Each of these are good arguments for giving your digestion a break with a wholesome, nutrition colon cleanse diet a few times per year.  So, what can you eat during a colon cleanse diet?

"What Can I Eat during a Colon Cleanse?"

The best way to eat for a colon cleanse diet is to be aware of what takes up the most space on your plate of a meal.  The majority should be vegetables with a green, leafy salad on the side.

Of course this is just a most basic guideline meant to help you start thinking in terms of body cleansing.  Our mindset is half the battle and once we control that, what we eat will determine if we reach our health goals or not.  Here are some more things you CAN eat during your colon cleanse diet to get your started;

  • Drink plenty of water; you can infuse it with lemon, mint, cucumber or your choice of herb and citrus flavorings
  • Drink herbal teas to help heal, relax, or even sleep; there are many teas for many goals
  • For bread, check out whole grain, sprouted bread like the Ezekial brand
  • Small amounts of animal protein; fish from fresh water, organic, grass fed meats in small amounts, antibiotic-free poultry, cage free eggs
  • Vegetarian proteins such as sprouts, beans (that were soaked of course), tempeh and soaked nuts and seeds
  • Lots of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables (raw and/or lightly cooked)
  • If you need a treat, look for recipes that use only raw, organic ingredients such as dates - and keep these to a minimum
  • Supplemental nutrition for strength such as; fresh vegetable juice, green superfood supplements, and herbs if you need them.

Certain foods slow down a body cleanse.  These include most grains, even alkaline ones such as amaranth and quinoa.

Slowing down a cleanse may be good for those who have to work and cannot endure the intensity of cleansing too quickly.  Some side effects of trying to do too much in too short a time may include headache, nausea and foggy thinking.

Consuming more fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetable juices give more energy.  This is especially important for those who work out, since studies do show that muscle gains are made quicker when vegetables are eaten. (Muscle and Fitness, Vegetables: 3 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should be Eating Them)

Is That It?

A colon cleanse diet can work for anyone, if you do it right.  Don't fall into the trap of all-or-nothing such as fasting or strict juicing.  While these may work for some, they require preparation to safely follow.

Adding colon cleansing supplements to your program can help you progress quicker with less of the "detox" side effects. 

Your body is important and is meant to keep itself healthy.  But you have to do your part to ensure it has the nutrition it needs to do what it is designed to do; heal, detox and allow you to live a happy, energetic lie free of disease.


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