Colon Cleanse with Clay

Doing a colon cleanse with clay can be an extremely beneficial addition to your total body cleansing regimen.  Clay has been used for detoxification and cleansing for centuries. 

Clay is mainly thought of as a topical application to draw out toxins.  It is commonly used in a detox bath, foot bath, or facial mask to draw out toxins.  But the real benefits may lie in taking it internally as part of an internal colon cleanse program.

The extremely effective  7 Day Intensive Cleanse is a good example of a cleanse using clay internally. But don't just jump into this cleanse; you can reap the most benefits when you prepare your body, first.

Cleansing with Clay Benefits

Colon cleansing with clay has been documented for centuries.  Clay is differentiated from dirt by its mineral content,  collects an wide array of organic trace minerals that adds to its natural health benefits.  It has been used by indigenous tribes mixed with water for stomach upset.  It is commonly used in water treatment, animal feed and skin care.

The many benefits of cleansing with clay keep health advocates coming back.  Here are just some that cleansing advocates report;

  • Attract and remove pathological and environmental toxins via the digestive tract
  • Promote healthy bacterial balance in the colon
  • Promote liver detoxification as it attracts chemical pollutants away from the liver
  • Remove heavy metal toxins during recovery from certain medical treatments such as radiation
  • Reduction of food sensitivities

Colon Cleanse with Clay; Internal Use

Bentonite or bentonite montmorillonite is most commonly used during a colon cleanse with clay. It is organic, full of bioavailable minerals and adsorbs to your inner inner digestive tract so it can better absorbs toxins and waste.

Notice that I mentioned that bentonite "adsorbs" and does not absorb; these terms are easily overlooked.  Adsorb is the quality of adhering to the surface of something without being absorbed by the same (in other words your body cannot absorb into your bloodstream). Bentonite does not break up nor does it get absorbed into your system, but instead moves through the digestive tract very slowly.

As the clay meets built-up intestinal waste, which contains toxins of all types, it will naturally slow its pace.  It doesn’t do this because it’s smart and knows the toxins are here.  It slows as it meets resistance such as built up waste. So as the bentonite moves through here, it adheres to the waste and softens it.  This will help it move out easier.

At the same time, the clay will attract and absorb toxins from your system. These are natural properties of bentonite clay.

Liquid bentonite works the best when you do a colon cleanse with clay, because it is less likely to clump like the powder form.  But you still have to drink plenty of water, at least 6-8 glasses a day, to ensure your system continues to move waste out.

I reserve the use of bentonite for the end of a client's colon cleanse with clay program because I want to ensure their digestive system is clear enough so this heavier product has an easier transit time.

Bentonite is very heavy and you can feel it moving through your system. As it softens the plaque and starts moving it out, you will feel that, too.  This sometimes can make it more difficult to expel.

Because of these sensations and the heaviness, it is important that when you do take it internally, do so during a time when you are eating a lighter diet.  This will make your colon cleanse with clay more comfortable.   

Cleanse with Clay at Home

What you Need and How To:

  • Take Herbal Fiberblend to take 2 times per day during your cleanse (4 weeks is good)
  • Use a high quality Bentonite Clay to take with the Fiberblend ONLY the last week or two of your cleanse
  • Follow a simple and free diet plan to follow during your cleanse
  • Use a Champion Juicer to make juice during the first 2 weeks of your cleanse - this helps you feel better and ensure you're getting enough nutrients to heal if you have health issues; and it will make you stronger for your colon cleanse.
  • Use a Colema Board for a home colonic to make sure you get the most out of your cleanse... literally!

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