Holistic Cleansing for
Health and Beauty

Holistic cleansing has many benefits. We all know that health is what attracts most people – but beauty? Read on to find out why cleansing can enhance your natural beauty from the inside out.

Beauty is more than looks. It is health that gives the glow to your skin and the bounce to your hair. True health can give you the energy you need to exercise and the discipline you need to eat right. Holistic cleansing can help you get the ball rolling.

Many health professionals agree that built up waste can and does occur in the small intestine. When this happens, we cannot absorb all the nutrients we should. In addition, processed foods lack nutrition.

This deficit of vitamins and minerals can leave our skin looking dull and aging quicker than we’d like to see. It may contribute to early hair and tooth loss. It can lead to obesity as the whole system becomes sluggish with the excess build-up. In turn we eliminate even less and the snowball effect has started.

On the other hand, cleansing your body can help clear the waste that adds unwanted weight. It can make room for your body to better absorb more nutrients. Cleansing can clear toxins that cause skin problems and even dull hair.

Holistic cleansing has long been associated with beauty. This is why you see the rise of health spas becoming more popular. Many of the treatments they offer are detoxing or cleansing in nature.

Massage therapy helps move toxins through the lymphatic system so they can leave. After a massage, your told to sit and relax a while so you don’t get up dizzy. This is due to the toxins moving through on their way out.

Body wraps are common in a spa. I believe they do help the body eliminate toxins through the skin. The seaweed wrap is particularly used for detoxing the skin.

Facials are a way of helping remove toxins from the facial skin, not to mention getting rid of the skin that has been damaged from free-radicals.

Endermologie is becoming more popular. This is a massage, far more powerful than Swedish or Deep Tissue, done with a machine. It is recognized by the FDA to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. It helps to mobilize toxins from the fatty tissue so the body can eliminate them.


Holistic cleansing can help you eliminate the waste. When your body doesn’t have to direct energy to fighting the side effects of stored toxins, it has more energy to combat sickness and disease.

Unfortunately, many of us think that having degenerative disease is normal as we get on in age. According to the health and human services it’s normal but not a necessity. In other words, it is only normal because of the Standard American Diet. Degenerative disease can be prevented with healthy habits, such as good nutrition.

Holistic Cleansing can be your key to health. You can clear out the old build-up that makes you feel weighed down and sluggish. Clearing out the old will help your body absorb more nutrition. When you can absorb more nutrients, your body can make more anti-bodies and more white bloods cells. You will have the strength to fight disease.

Vitamin pills or supplements will not clear out the built up waste that causes problems, but your body can.  Just as we must eat the right way to allow the body to shed weight, we can plan a diet that helps our body shed not only weight (which is unwanted waste), but can help our bodies remove built up debris and stored waste.

A holistic cleanse is the key to excellent health.  Just keep in mind that holistic is derived from "whole," as in our whole person; body, mind and spirit.  A true holistic cleanse puts effort into each of these through diet, meditation, stress relief practices and/or spiritual practices.

Those who follow through with a cleanse program successfully are always the biggest fans of cleansing.  It is hard work; taking psyllium or other supplements, a restriction of eating for a while, and focusing on ourselves is difficult work.  But in the end, something great does happen. Only when you try for yourself, will you know. You just have to arm yourself with knowledge. Knowledge is the Power you need to claim your excellent health. 

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