Home Colon Cleanse

Doing  a home colon cleanse can help you detox your body, lose weight, gain energy and feel better overall.  You can take it easy and slow or more intense if you prefer.  The key to doing it at home (and doing it right) is knowledge.  The more you know, the easier it is to get the results you desire.  Learn how to body cleanse and detoxify in the privacy of your own home so you can reap the benefits without the higher cost that some programs may cost.

Foods That Cleanse Your Colon

Your body has organs and systems in place that are meant to cleanse and detoxify your entire body.  But, just like  eating to lose fat or gain muscle, there are diets that assist these systems and allow them to work more efficiently.  Therefore, using foods that cleanse your colon is the first step to doing a home colon cleanse. 

The goal of following a specific diet is to give your digestion a rest.  When this system can rest, your body can more effectively digest and remove built up waste throughout the body - especially in the digestive tract.

Some body cleansing advocates consider the "perfect" diet for colon or body cleansing is to eat all raw fruits, vegetables and juices with plenty of water and nothing else.  While this does ensure rest for your digestive system, it may also prove to be overly intense for many people.  Using extreme diets without proper preparation can cause many detoxification side effects such as nausea, headaches, skin blemishes, and even stop your body's natural cleansing process in its tracks!

Eating clean by incorporating more fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and no processed foods is the easiest way to begin.  Begin by planning your meals ahead of time so you can begin eating consciously for cleansing.

Cutting down on meat is necessary for most; it depends on how much you consume before you start your colon cleanse.  For example, if you eat meat including beef, chicken, turkey, pork or lamb, ask yourself honestly, how often do I eat this?  If you eat these twice per day, then cut back to once per day.  If you eat meat once a day but seven days a week, try eating meat only three or four times per week.  

Use this method of slowly and consciously moderating your current diet.  You can do the same with breads, grains and even desserts. 

Your goal will be to eat three healthy meals per day that include plenty of organic and fresh fruits and vegetables, steamed vegetables, soups, and possibly even vegetable juice. 

  • A daily plan may go something like this;
  • Breakfast; 2 eggs with steamed spinach
  • Snack; 2 pieces of fruit
  • Lunch; Green salad with chicken breast with apple cider vinegar and grape seed oil for dressing
  • Snack; Handful of walnuts, celery stick and a little vegetarian cream cheese.
  • Dinner; Small green salad, Lentil soup with a pile of steamed vegetables (butter on those is optional).

Your Complete Home Cleanse Program:

Home Colon Cleanse Supplements

Using herbal supplements for a body or home colon cleanse makes the process go quicker and more effectively.  They support your organs and systems that naturally cleanse by adding more nutrition that those organs use. 

Extra dietary fiber is added as a supplement to ensure that old, impacted waste is softened and more easily removed.  The added fiber also helps absorb toxins that become dislodged from the lymph, blood stream and even fat cells so they don't wreak havoc as they travel through your body on their way out.  This includes environmental toxins as well as "bad" cholesterol.(1)

My favorite home colon cleanse supplement is Herbal Fiberblend by AIM because it is one supplement to take, twice per day.  (I add it to diluted, alkaline fruit juice such as apple juice, and follow by drinking a glass of clean, spring water.)  I have used this supplement with clients for 20 years and it works well with 90% of them for a general cleanse.   But there are plenty on the market to find what you think might be your favorite.

Do not take laxatives during a cleanse.  Laxatives are substances that the body recognizes as a toxin.  In response, water is taken from the rest of your body and sent to the intestinal tract to dilute the toxin (and dehydrating the rest of you).  Your intestine and/or colon will then spasm to expel the toxin.  This does not help your body strengthen or cleanse on its own.

A laxative may be pharmaceutical or natural (such as senna).  Herbs that work more gently and with the body include; triphala, cascara sagrada and aloe.  When use properly, these herbs help strengthen your body's natural ability to eliminate waste.


(1) Pub-Med Health; "Time- and Dose-Dependent Effect of Psyllium..."

Home Colonics

A home colon cleanse wouldn't be complete without having a few colonics.  As you eat a cleansing diet and take herbal supplements to aid the process, your body may clear waste at an accelerated pace.  This means more waste added to your intestinal tract in addition to your daily amount.  You may feel full, bloated or even constipated during this time.  Using a colonic helps your body remove this waste, naturally and safely.

I added "home colonics" as they are different than enemas.  Often, when purchasing a home enema, a saline or other solution is added to cause the body to expedite a harsh and quick reaction. 

A home colonic or even home enema allows you to add your own solution, and most recommended is filtered, clean water.  Some people use homemade enemas of coffee, apple cider vinegar or even probiotic solutions; but that's a lesson for another time.

My favorite home colonic kit is the Colema Board Kit.  This was recommended to me by a client and I love having it at home.  I use it during my home cleansing programs and even during a juice fast.  While I added a link for my favorite, there are many to choose from if you decide to go with a home enema kit or even visit your local colon hydrotherapist.


I hope this has helped you determine if you are comfortable doing a home colon cleanse and detox.  Here are more articles to increase your knowledge of cleansing and detoxifying your body.

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