#9 - The Gallbladder Flush Myth

There's a bit of debate on whether a liver flush is a good idea or not. In case you don't know - a liver flush is a 24 hour cleanse in which you fast then take a mixture usually involving olive oil, lemon juice and Epsom salts or coke. This is drank at night right before bed, then in the morning a laxative is taken so the person eliminates waste, some of which may be gallstones.

"Are gallstones really being eliminated" seems to be the question of the day. In my experience with myself and many, many clients who have done it, it seems the answer is yes. I guess it's something to experience to be believed.

But here's a bit of common sense - olive oil can not biologically turn to stones before being eliminated from the body. I mention this because that is a main argument of skeptics who think the only substance being eliminated is congealed olive oil.

There are many people who don't have stones eliminate after the flush. There may be a number of reasons ranging from the body isn't strong enough yet to the fact that in most cases the particles are sand-like. They only become problems after years of developing into larger stones then getting lodged in the tubes (bile ducts) which is the passage out.

Some say stones couldn't fit through these ducts because they are too large and the ducts are too small. That's why people do the flush, to give the body strength and to soften the stones so the body can remove them. (BTW, have you ever had a BM that seemed larger than your "tubes" were supposed to be?)

There is a side of caution, however. In my humble opinion, don't do this flush until you've done a general colon cleanse first. This will ensure you're strong enough. Also, don't do this too often - it is very depleting. I have seen people overdo it (perhaps more than once during a two-week period) only to get sicker and weaker. So be sure pay attention to your body and good luck!

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