5 Step Total Body Cleanse

A total body cleanse can help your body's natural abilities to detoxify and cleanse using various techniques to accomplish your personal goals.  

Many people do this practice to lose weight, some try to increase energy or strength while others help reset their digestion with healthy foods and the right supplements.  Check out the different ways to complete your cleanse, below.

Herbal Fiberblend is the best all-in-one supplement for a total body cleanse.  This is the only reliable cleanse supplement I use in my business for over 20 years, because it works.  It fits in perfectly for my clients' weight loss, colon cleanse and all around body detox programs. Use twice a day with a colon cleanse diet and you're on your way to better health through cleansing.  Read on below to see how to make the most of your cleanse program.

How to do a Total Body Cleanse

No matter what your goal, a total body cleanse involves three different areas of work that will support your body; nutritional supplements, diet and bodywork.  

Herbal Supplements - Most of us do need help after years of poor eating practices, medications or simply not paying attention to our health.  Supplements used during a colon cleanse are important because they add nutrition, support your "cleansing" organs and initiate the breakdown of mucosal plaque . Studies do show how once the excess mucus is removed, healing begins. (1)

Cleanse Diet - What you eat is important to your total body cleanse. Junk food and poor food choices can make your cleansing supplements obsolete. Eating light helps ease digestion, allowing your body more energy to cleanse and heal itself.

The body can cleanse or digest, but it cannot do both at the same time. Therefore, a healthy cleansing diet is important to help your total body cleanse.

Extra Body Work - Certain practices can be used to enhance your cleanse.  They can range from a simple foot bath to Endermologie to get rid of fat (and the toxins trapped in the fat cells).  

Your personalized and individual plan will determine which type of bodywork and food plan to use to best reach your goals.  Here are five important techniques to ensure your cleanse includes your total body so that you fully benefit from your efforts.

massage for a total body cleanse

Endermologie -While massage therapy is an excellent stress reliever, Endermologie is approved by the FDA for the treatment of cellulite, which is made up of trapped fluids and fat cells enlarged with stored toxins.

As you practice clean eating during a total body cleanse, adding Endermologie can help move toxins out of the fatty tissue and into your lymphatic system for removal. This helps turn your cleanse into a healthy weight loss program, as long as you eat accordingly.

Colon Cleanse - At the core of any cleanse is a focus on digestion and healing or clearing of our digestive tract.  To accomplish this, a detox diet along with the right supplements designed for body cleansing can help jump start your body's natural cleansing abilities.  

Digestion is important for total body health.  As we get older, or if we lack energy or gain weight, our bodies, it is a sure sign that our bodies need extra nutritional help.   This help comes by laying off of junk foods and highly processed foods for a while and putting a focus on eating healthy to help take the burden off of digestion.

Colon Hydrotherapy- This is a technique used by many people along with a body cleanse so they see results quicker.  The practice uses water to stimulate the colon and intestinal tract to work more fully, and keep up as your body works harder to remove old waste.  

Some people find this practice helps them have more success with their body cleanse while others achieve weight loss after time.  Colon hydrotherapy (or a colonic) can be performed by a professional, but many people have great success at home, too, using a colema board

Dry Skin Brushing - This is a practice that is used to help cleanse and detoxify the skin.  Many claim it stimulates the lymphatic system to move waste out quicker, because the circulatory system has no pumping action of its own therefore relies on manual help.  The results?  Many find that by using the exfoliating technique, their skin glows and looks healthier.  This can be done at home in less than 3 minutes a day, using a Dry Skin Brush.

Essential Oils - The benefits of essential oils range from uplifted moods to protecting the immune system.   The oils are extracted from various plants including flowers, nuts, stems and leaves and are said to have a number of benefits, depending on the plant the oil is extracted from. These may be used with a massage, in a bath, a vaporizing to fill the room with scent or by applying them to your skin.  

Many spas around the world may use essential oils in a body wrap to help reduce puffiness or help your body detox.   Don't have time for the spa?  That's okay, Body Wrap kits can be bought online.  You can make your own Essential Oil Wrap by adding your preferred oils to clay or with a "carrier oil" like almond, applying to yourself then wrap and relax.

Make Your Cleanse Work for You

Of course you don't need to add all of these elements into your personal cleanse.  Each of us has different goals, so find what suits you.

Price and time are often considered when choosing which way you want to cleanse.  For example, taking an extra supplement at the beginning and end of each day is enough for some while others have the time and resources to add colonics, Endermology or massage to expedite and round out their regimens.

No matter which you choose, you will move forward as long as you do something to change your daily routine now.  Often as people begin cleansing, they see results within days which leads them to want to do more, such as "tighten up" their diet, leading to even more results. 

On the other hand, some people have a difficult time getting started - and that's okay.  As I tell my clients, the more you practice the better you get.  Just be patient with yourself, maybe do a little self reflection on why it is difficult to stick with a program, and then try again when you feel ready.

Once you "get it," you will feel better, lighter, healthier and more alert.   This is the reason why the practice is extremely popular and becoming even more mainstream; because it works.  And just like anything we do to take care of ourselves, the more effort you put into your total body cleanse, the more reward you will get. 


(1) Dissertation for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Faculty of Medicine) in Physiology presented at Uppsala University in 2000  Gastrointestinal Mucosal Protective Mechanisms