Skin Care - Natural and Holistic

Skin Care using holistic and natural practices can give you beautiful and healthy results. Using normal every day washing or exfoliating as well taking care of your body can give you dramatic results. Your skin can be fresh, young and healthy well into your later years.

Toxins can affect us from the environment and internally through what we eat. Between these two sources, many people find their skin looking aged before it should, or just looking unhealthy.

Skin Care; Simple Home Techniques for
Beautiful, Fresh Skin

Environmental toxins are in the atmosphere such as air pollution. Washing our face is the natural thing to do. We are actually washing off the pollution and our own oils that can clog pores. Ever took a cotton pad and brushed it against your face to find it dirty? These toxins can block our pores and add to the oils that cause blemishes, making them worse.

Imagine this.... your skin has a blood capillary and two oil sacs for every hair on your body. This is to bring nourishment and keep your skin moisturized. At the same time it keeps some toxins out and many in. It is said that about a pound of waste is excreted through our skin every day!

But your skin care routine should go beyond washing with exfoliating. You can even go deeper than this and use a mask with clay, which pulls toxins from deep within your pores. Steams and Saunas can help with your natural skin care program. These can open your pores to help remove toxins that can clog and block pores from the inside.

Dry Brushing is a very powerful holistic skin care technique. It not only exfoliates your skin, but is said to directly affect your lymphatic system. Dry skin brushing is a very powerful way to move toxins by freeing them up so they can move out of your body. So you see that through the skin, we even assist the body cleansing process and our benefits are more than skin deep. 

Don't Forget to Cleanse

Beautiful, glowing skin really starts from the inside. Your skin is a reflection of your internal health. Help your body through total body cleansing, or what some call colon cleansing can help remove toxins like pollutants and pesticides that can accelerate the aging process.

When we help the body flush and eliminate more through the liver, intestines then colon, less toxins need to get pushed through the skin.

During a colon cleanse, you use a healthy detox diet. Some go the extra step and drink fresh vegetable juice or green superfoods, which provide extra nutrition that your skin can use.

These can help bring an even clearer complexion, sleeker complexion and healthy color to your skin.

As the cycle of cleansing continues, you continue to get healthier digestion. This means that your body can absorb more nutrition. Your body also has to spend less energy fighting internal toxins, because you are eliminating the source of these.

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