Colon Cleanse with Clay

Doing a colon cleanse with clay can be an extremely beneficial addition to your total body cleansing regimen. The 7 Day Intensive Cleanse is a good example of a cleanse using clay. However, there are some things to know so that you can get the most benefits for your efforts.

Bentonite or bentonite montmorillonite is most commonly used during a colon cleanse with clay. It is organic, full of minerals and adsorbs to your inner tubes while it absorbs toxins.

Adsorb means to adhere to the surface of. Bentonite does not break up nor does it get absorbed into your system. It will move through your system very slowly. As it comes upon built-up plaque, which is full of toxins, it will naturally slow its pace through here. It doesn’t do this because it’s smart and knows the toxins are here. It slows here as anything would because this part of your tube (intestine) is partly blocked. So as the bentonite moves through here, it adheres to the plaque and softens it.

At the same time, the clay will attract and absorb toxins from your system. These are natural properties of bentonite clay.

Liquid seems to work the best. You can take more and it won’t clump like the powder. But you still must remember to drink plenty of water, at least 8-10 glasses a day.

I reserve the use of bentonite for the end of my colon cleanse because I want to be sure things are moving through me. Bentonite is very heavy and you can feel it in your system. As it softens the plaque and starts moving it out, you will feel that, too.

Imagine a 3-pound weight glued to your arm for 10 years then is finally removed. You didn’t feel the weight after the first year because you became use to it. But when it was removed, your arm felt lighter and even a little uncomfortable at first. Many people experience an uncomfortable sensation in their abdominal area while cleansing for similar reasons as this, among others.

Because of these sensations and the heaviness, it is important that you use it properly. Learning how to use this properly along with paying attention to your body's signals will benefit you most.

I prefer to use bentonite while fasting. I get more work done (meaning more waste removed) and food doesn’t interfere with the action of the bentonite. Also, fasting while using a colon cleanse with clay gives you the sensation of not being hungry since the clay is heavy.

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