4 Week Colon Cleanse

Health advocates use body cleansing as a way to help their bodies clear waste and toxins.  Some claim to do this in a day while other popular programs use a 4 week colon cleanse as a guideline.

A 4 Week Colon Cleanse gives the body time to adjust to the change in eating as it takes time for you to see the results of any eating habits or changes.  Simply cutting calories while eating foods that are not in line with cleansing do not give the same results.  And contrary to popular belief, simply abstaining from eating altogether may not have the desired effects.

The right foods that cleanse can stimulate not only your digestion, but your body's natural ability to cleanse and detoxify.  Our bodies have natural cleansing systems in place that cleanse impurities, toxins and eliminate harmful waste .  These systems require nutritional support, just as your hair, skin and even heart require certain nutrients to fully function.  Therefore, diet is important during any type of body cleanse.

While the market may be rife with cleanse programs lasting from three days to a week, a 4 week cleanse is designed to help your body remove impurities and waste that has built up over years; and even then do not expect to be completely "clean" after this time as metabolism continues to run and metabolic toxins are created daily.   Many professionals "in the know" cleanse their bodies every year or even every six months, depending on dietary and lifestyle habits.

Guidelines for a 4 Week Colon Cleanse

Cut out processed foods and junk food.  Try to abstain from white flour products, those that contain white sugar, lunch meats, and other foods that are pre-made.

Eat a diet focused around whole, organic fruits and vegetables.  Include some whole grains, especially those that are considered "alkaline," such as quinoa, amaranth and millet.   Also spread healthy proteins out during the day and be sure to eat enough protein.  Healthy proteins include; fish, free range eggs, sprouts, beans, legumes, nuts, and even a raw, vegetarian protein drink for best bio-availability (meaning your body can utilize the protein and other nutrients).

To boost your body's natural cleansing abilities, take a cleansing supplement.  Supplements (such as herbal support) add nutrition and support of your natural cleansing functions.  Fiber acts like a broom to sweep the digestive tract, and will work best when taken during a cleansing diet.

Be sure to drink plenty of fresh water with no chlorine, fluoride or other chemicals added to ensure your body is able to continuously remove waste. Drink at least 8 glasses a day in addition to the juice. You may also drink herbal teas throughout the day for added health benefits.

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