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As Hippocrates said "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." Read how food works as medicine by learning about a different food and its qualities each issue.

#55 Coconut Oil for Heart Health and Weight Control

#47 - Yogurt, It's Better Than You Think

#44 Tempeh Over Tofu

#41 - The Food the Supplement Companies Don't Want You to Know About

#38 - Men! Something You May Not Know About Alcohol and Your Heart

#37 - Miracle Food Helps Destroy Virus - You May be Surprised!

#36 Kill Cancer Cells with Watercress

#34 Pomegranates Are Good For Your Heart

#33 Grapefruits, Cancer and Alheimer's

#32 The New Fish Choice

#31 Amazing Apricots

#29 - Cranberries - Nature's Antibiotic

#28 - Body by Broccoli

#27 - Protein Packed Pecans

#26 - The Potato, It's More Than You Think

#25 - Stronger Immunity with Yogurt

#24 - Heart Healthy Beef

#23 - The Most Potent Cancer Fighter

#22 - Heart Loving Cherries

#21 - Use the Food That Detoxes Preservatives

#20 - This Food Protects Your Lungs AND Bones

#18 - Honey Health

#17 - Oregano - The Powerful Antibiotic

#16 - The Miracle of Barley Grass

#15 - Control your Blood Sugar with Cilantro

#14 - Get the Lead Out with Chlorella

#13 - Heal Ulcers with Cabbage

#12 - Save Your Heart with Celery

#11 - Coconuts for Weight Loss

#10 - Figs - Not Just Another Sweet Treat

#9 - Turkey Talk

#9 b - Stop Arterial Buildup with Green Beans

#8 - Fight the Common Cold with Garlic and Scallions

#7 - Lower Cholesterol with Pumpkin Seeds

#6 - Stabilize Blood Sugar - and More with Lentils

#5 - Is Barley a Heart Medicine?

#4 - Dates - The Natural Aspirin

#3 - The Miracle of Bananas

#2 - Cinnamon and Insulin

#1 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Let Your Blood Flow Free

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I had awesome results and felt the best I have in years!! This "how to" book gives everyday people a chance to reap the benefits of cleansing and detoxing. Cindy is highly knowledgeable and respected in this field. This "how to" guide offers an easy-to-follow plan. It's like having Cindy right there with you!

Jennifer S., Massage Therapist

Thank you for your site, I can tell you are passionate about cleansing and health, and the time you put into this site is greatly appreciated. It has helped me more than you can imagine.

Kaylin J., Los Angeles, CA

I was a client of Cindy's when she worked in the Los Angeles area. I am also one of the many people who encouraged her to put her program into writing. It was a worthy investment of my time and money and I believe it will help many others on their quest for health.

Barbara G., Massage Therapist and Nutritional Counselor